In response to many requests, a full-color, soft-cover 8-1/2 x 11 memory book will be produced as both a souvenir of the Reunion banquet, October 6th, but also as a collection of current alumni pictures.

Would you like to have a full-color Memory Book as a souvenir of the Reunion weekend?
Enter number of books you want to order, at $10 each, postpaid. Book(s) will be mailed to you after the event.


Don’t want to use a credit card to pay?
Print out a copy of this page and send it with a check made payable to:
Burbank High Class of 1968. 

Mail it to our Treasurer, John Wray:

John Wray, Treasurer
Burbank High Class of 1968
2751 Fierro Circle
La Crescenta, CA  91214

Last day to order Memory Books is October 31, 2018.

Here is our list of people who have paid for a memory book. If you don’t see your name here and you have paid, be sure to let us know right away by emailing Kathy Au Crosier.

Bartlett, Christine Cullen
Beck, Marilyn Kasper (2)
Bennett, Annette Dinolfo
Berg, Karen Walther
Bergman, Deanna Dugger
Brandon, Debra
Burns, Steve
Butler, Crilly
Butler, Susie Hekler

Cartmill, Tom
Casimano, Lena (Jackie)
Cavanaugh, Cynthia Lindholm
Chambers, Jeani Chiarolla
Chandler, Ann Shamoon
Chevial, Barbara Clark
Clark, Teri Hill

Crosier, Kathy Au (3)
DeMarzio, Steven (ship to Kathy Musson Bice)
Dowart, Mickey Kelley
Easley, Sue Parker

Ferguson, John
Ferguson, Janene Verge
Gillespie, Karen Watson
Ginchereaux, Loanne Walker
Gleason, Steven
Hall, Cheryl McNulty
Hamilton, Virginia Castro

Harrington, Kim
Hawkins, William
Hekking, Hans

Heller, Les
Hernandez, Louise Good
Hetchko, Howard
Horton, Gregory
Huddleston, Jodi Tillotson
Hunt, Steve
Hutcheson, Carole Aikin
Kami, Janet Ogle
Kendryna, Tenny Battles
Lear, Barbara Bautista
Llewellyn, Stephanie
Lester, Steven
LeSueur, Steve

Lewis, Roxanne Leko
Lombardo, Alan
Maas, Marty

Marak, Larry
Moosmann, Beverly Blais
Morgan, Monty
Morrow, Robyn Campbell
Moss, Sally Bartley
Muller, Lee

Nash, Betsey
Nyberg, Rick
O’Connell, Mike (3)
Paris, Veronica Bojorquez
Parsons, George
Paul, Michele Bro
Perfect, Cathy Dibble
Ranshaw, Jim
Rapp, Bonnie Moody
Rapport, Karen Parrish
Regan, Barbara McClure
Reynolds, Rick
Richman, Debby Dana
Roberts, Betty Jo Toth
Roseberry, June Ingersoll
Rozek, Leslie Reel
Sandor, Carol
Sanfilippo, Robert
Sawyer, Mark
Schaedler, Kathy O’Rell
Sheehan, Cecilia Aguirre
Siegel, Steve
Silverman, Nancy Frisch
Schmidt, Debbie Myers
Smith, Craig
Southwick, Kathleen
Steen, Jackie Hayes

Swedberg, Donna
Tanksley, Tom
Teague, Janet
Teuber, Chris Heim

Thomas, Sallie Shelton
Thomsen, Janet Robbins

Trotta, Jerry and Brenda
Unch, Laura Dermedy
Vaughan, Kenda (3)
Villasenor, James

Vincent, Helen Tone
Vosper, Trish Molloy
Walroth, Terry
Walter, Carol Thompson Cooke Stephenson
Wilhelm, Brett
Zimmerman, Cheryl Boyd
Zook, Michael

99 as of 10/31/2018