If you have gone to our registration page, you probably saw a notice about a memory book.

In response to many requests, a full-color, soft-cover 8-1/2 x 11 memory book will be produced as both a souvenir of the Reunion banquet, October 6th, but also as a collection of current alumni pictures. Which means … YOU HAVE HOMEWORK! Yes, most of us haven’t thought about homework in decades, but trust me, it’s an easy assignment.

Send a headshot photo to burbankhigh1968@gmail.com.

You can also send a photo of you with your significant other or immediate family, as long as you send a headshot photo too.

And as long as we’re doing homework…

…now would also be a good time to fill out the Reunion Questionnaire. Results are posted on the Alumni Snapshots page.

If you would like to order a memory book, go to the Registration Page.

Here is our list of people who have paid for a memory book. If you don’t see your name here and you have paid, be sure to let us know right away by emailing Kathy Au Crosier.

Bennett, Annette Dinolfo
Cartmill, Tom
Crosier, Kathy Au
Ferguson, John
Gillespie, Karen Watson

Harrington, Kim
Hawkins, William
Heller, Les
Kendryna, Tenny Battles

Lewis, Roxanne Leko
Lombardo, Alan

Marak, Larry
Nash, Betsey
Schaedler, Kathy O’Rell

Regan, Barbara
Swedberg, Donna
Thomas, Sallie Shelton
Trotta, Jerry and Brenda
Vincent, Helen Tone
Vosper, Trish Molloy