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Chuck Duffy

Deanna Dugger Bergman

Deanna Dugger

DEANNA DUGGER BERGMAN met her husband, Randall, while both of them were working at McGaw Laboratories (IV solutions) in Irvine, CA. They have now been married for 41 years. He was a Mechanical Engineer in the Maintenance Department, Deanna was the Office Systems Supervisor.

They are delighted to have two grandsons. Their daughter lives in Boston, with a 5 year old grandson who began school this September. Their son is in Billings, MT with their 11 month old grandson.

Deanna writes: “We have moved several times during our marriage. We bought a house in Orange County after we married, then moved to Bellevue, WA when Randy took a job in a large cold products manufacturing plant. He switched to manufacturing cement and was soon promoted and we transferred to Bozeman, MT where we built our home and raised our family. When the kids were grown and on their own, we decided to strike out on something different (warmer climate) and first moved to Gainesville, FL with a new job. My allergies blossomed in that wet, moist, super summer heated environment, so  that when another headhunter called, we explored the opportunity and move to Easton, PA. It is  a lovely area with a mild climate, rolling cornfields, about 70 miles from NYC and an hour north of Philadelphia. We have enjoyed playing tourist with so many historical sites scrunched together on the east coast as well as catching some Broadway plays throughout the year.”

Deanna retired in November from administration / operations of an engineering firm, and is still in that adjustment mode. They have been traveling quite a bit and love to see new areas of the country.

About her greatest accomplishment since high school, Deanna says “Our two children are at the top of the list of greatest accomplishments. Both are successful, wonderful people and involved with their communities. Our daughter is a hospital administrator in Boston and our son is a project manager in Billings, MT for a large construction company. The company I retired from began as a startup from Germany and I joined in very early stages of its expansion to the US. I loved working with an international company and it was a pleasure to see it through the growth and expansion, and to be a part of the team that helped it to be the success it is today.”

“Favorite memories are always those special high school friends and favorite teachers.”

Deanna Dugger Bergman and Patti Trish Molloy Vosper at Bob’s Big Boy.


Skip (Wray) Johnston

Wray Johnston (Skip)

Wray Johnston (Skip)

SKIP (WRAY) JOHNSTON met his wife, Sandra, at church where he was her kids’ youth director. “We don’t recall a whole lot about our first meeting. Neither of us was looking to re-marry. Neither of us was particularly impressed with the other. We got over that. We’ve been married 20 years.” Skip has 4 kids, 2 stepkids, and 11 grandkids. On most days, they’re all eminently brag-able. His son lives in Seattle. He has a daughter in NYC and two daughters still in the SFV.His stepdaughter lives outside Dayton, OH. His stepson lives near us in SC. They also do have a 13 year-old grandson that’s teaching himself several languages and reading the kabala. He’s wicked smart. But then, he’s the only one not genetically related to any of us (he’s Skip’s stepson’s stepson). So that accounts for a lot. Skip and Sandra have 2 dogs, and 2 horses. Of course horses aren’t so much pets as they are a second job that eats a lot. Skip attended Pierce College, Art Center College of Design, where he studied advertising and illustration. He works as a creative director at a small design/advertising studio in Greenville, SC.

Skip Johnston and his wife, Sandra

Skip Johnston and his wife, Sandra

Looking back, I realize that the accomplishments of which I am most proud are pretty much those things that were also the most foolish. That is, from time to time, I’ve jumped headlong into situations that I knew very little or nothing about and emerged, if not wiser, at least older. The way I see it, getting older is an accomplishment. So, some stuff I’ve accomplished: – I was a reluctant draft resistor. – I raised teenagers. To be fair, nobody knows anything about this. – I was a band booster. I know nothing about music, but was very proud to watch my son march in the 100th Rose Parade. – I coached my daughters’ softball teams. Although my Y chromosomes are the least athletic of the species, I tried to teach my daughter the “proper” stance at the plate. She ignored me and consistently hit doubles and triples. Now, her son plays baseball, has the same ridiculous stance at the plate and consistently hits doubles and triples. – After going through a divorce and vowing to join the Woman Hating Man’s Club, I turned around and married the most incredible person I’ve ever met. (And didn’t join the club.) – I left a perfectly good career, home and lifetime living in Burbank to raise horses on a hilltop in South Carolina in 2005. (Wife: Hey, I had a horse as a kid. Let’s buy a horse farm on a hilltop in South Carolina. Me: Horses? You mean those big doggie things cowboys sit on? Let’s do it!) Fortunately for my marriage, I came to love horses and all the work tending them… well, I like most of the work… or at least some… okay, I like being outside. And no animals were abused or injured in the process. Unfortunately, raising horses on a hilltop in South Carolina is a full time job that you can’t do while actually having a full time job. So, after an eight-year adventure, we sold the farm, moved to the semi-burbs of Greenville and board our horses where somebody else can tend the property. – I entered an art contest where I had 24 hours to create a painting. I won a week at a villa in Tuscany. I do know how to paint. But the trip wasn’t a package deal. I didn’t know how to get to Tuscany. I now know how not to get there.

Wray Johnston (Skip) sent this picture taken in March, 2011.

Wray Johnston (Skip) sent this picture taken in March, 2011.

I’ve a lot of great memories of BHS—great friends, good teachers, fun times. I also did my share of dumb stuff. But at this stage, who cares? One memory that sticks out that’s a combo of great and dumb is being “chairman” of the “poster committee”. The committee was nominally a part of student gov’t and was pretty much just me arriving an hour before school and staying after most days a couple more hours making signs on 3 ft. wide butcher paper for dances, football games, this or that club. Whatever. I date the beginning of my career in graphic design and advertising from here. Anyway, in the first few weeks of doing this, after a long day and a couple hours after school already, our new BHS principal (whose name I successfully repressed for most of my life but was reminded of it not long ago by an old classmate—thanks, Mike!) came up to the poster room with a request. He wanted a large “Welcome” banner to be hung across the front of the school for a big deal important district (or something) meeting of educators. Like me, he was new at his job and wanted to make an impression. I told him I’d do it first thing in the morning. I was tired, hungry, facing a mile and a half uphill walk home and a pile of homework. I was probably also pretty cranky and not particularly impressed with authority at the moment. Not good enough, he said. His meeting was at 8 that evening. He insisted I stay and reminded me that, impressed or not, he possessed considerable authority over my life. His parting instructions were to just leave the finished work in the hallway. The janitor would install it before the meeting. In those days, way before digital printing and so on, making posters was all done by hand. Painting 3-foot high letters on a roll of paper that spread at least 20 or 30 feet down the hall was not something you just dashed out. It was a one-letter-at-a-time process that took several cartons of that crumby powdered poster paint we’d used since Kindergarten to complete. I finished just before the meeting time, left it on the hallway floor, schlumped home and went to bed. Next morning, I arrived back at the poster room (tucked behind the balcony of the auditorium), ready for new assignments. The principal was already there, hands on hips and, to put it mildly, pissed! “You did that on purpose!” he fumed. I was totally lost, thinking maybe I’d spilled some paint or something. “Did what on purpose?” I asked, which seemed only to deepen the purplish color in his face. “You know what you did! You did it on purpose because you were mad I made you stay late! You did it just to embarrass me!” More clueless than usual early on a school day, I stammered back, “What…?” It was then I noticed the janitor standing behind him, his hand over his mouth, seemingly enjoying this encounter too much. “The janitor will show you what you did to me!” And he stormed off toward the office. I looked at the janitor. “What?” “Oh, you’ll see…” he grinned and led me down the stairs and out to the front of the school. I noticed kids coming into the main doors, staring upward. The janitor took me out to the front sidewalk and pointed back to my work hanging across the front of the auditorium… “W E C L O M E !” Maybe the janitor was busy. The sign stayed up all day.

[Editor’s Note] Please check out the blog post, “Wrong Wray!” which describes two of our classmates whose names read forwards and backwards (Johnston Wray and Wray Johnston!)

A ‘snow day’ in Hawaii?!


As Hurricane Olivia approaches Hawaii (and we anxiously await news concerning Hurricane Florence in its trajectory towards the Carolinas), just about all my appointments have been cancelled. I thought to myself, “This must the equivalent of a snow day!” so I’m working on the Burbank High Class of 1968 blog.

If you are one of the subscribers, who get an email notification about each new post, you’re probably seeing stories about individual BHS’68 grads. For example, you can read about:

Carole Aikin Hutcheson

Beverly Blais Moosmann

These good people have all submitted the Reunion Questionnaire and the results are posted to the Alumni Snapshots page. With now more than 120+ people coming to the 50th Class Reunion on October 6th, there is never enough time to talk to each person individually at the reunion. We’ve designed a simple questionnaire which you can fill out and submit online.

Or if you are unable to come, please take the few minutes to fill out the questionnaire, so we can rest easy and not wonder, “I wonder what happened to ….. ?”

It being a “snow day,” I’m finally getting caught up to posting results to the Alumni Snapshots page. Some of you are writing novels, others are giving short answers. We especially welcome photos of yourself and your family! Please submit photos directly to our email address: burbankhigh1968@gmail.com.

Recently we heard about the 50th Wedding Anniversary of DiAnna Morris Hawkins and her husband, Bill Hawkins, on April 6, 2018 (“A 50th Wedding Anniversary“) and I wondered if they took the prize for being married the longest.

Since then, we have heard from Kathy Brake Falk who will join this exclusive club when she celebrates her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband on December 30, 2018.

Kathy Brake Falk and LeRoy Falk

But wait! There’s more! We just got an email from Sue Douglas Baldaseroni who married Don Baldaseroni ’67 on April 1, 1967, celebrating 51 years of marriage!

Here’s a video about a couple who has been married for 70 years who say the secret to a long and happy life together is “love and laughter.” The couple has a daughter who celebrated 50 years of marriage, so I guess it runs in the family!

There are now only 25 days until the Reunion and it’s not too late to register! Just make sure that we receive your payment by September 27th. Register here, and don’t forget to fill out the Reunion Questionnaire!

Here’s the important information:

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Beverly Blais Moosmann



Beverly Blais

BEVERLY BLAIS MOOSMANN met her husband, Bob Moosmann, on a blind date and they have been married 32 years. Their son, Max, is 31 and their daughter, Katie, is 29. Both of them were married this summer. Max is in advertising and a competitive sailor. Katie is a manager at Houzz and also enjoys sailing. They have a Golden Retriever, Cassie, a miniature long hair dachshund, Schnapps, and a cat, Millie. Bev graduated from USC with a bachelor’s degree and got a law degree from Loyola University School of Law. She is semi-retired and continues to work part-time as a lawyer doing employment-based immigration for a law firm in Newport Beach. She was formerly involved in litigating medical malpractice, employment and business litigation. When not working, she enjoys Pilates, walks around Balboa Island, does volunteer work and enjoys time spent with family and friends. Her greatest accomplishment has been “raising my children, who are both incredible young adults.” She is also proud of her some of her legal work through which she helped to achieve some very good results for clients. Bev says of Burbank High, it was “too long ago to remember!” but recalls time spent with good friends: slumber parties, beach days, football games, Bob’s Big Boy, and excitement for the first day of school.


Kathy Au Crosier

Kathy Au

KATHY AU CROSIER has spent her entire career in Hawaii, working as a church musician, organ recitalist and teacher. She was married to Carl Crosier, a fellow musician for 37 years before he died of pancreatic cancer in 2014. She has one son, 35 years old, who works as a network engineer in North Hollywood, CA and a 15-month- old grandson.

A few days after Burbank High graduation, she flew to Paris, France to study with famed virtuoso, Marcel Dupré. At the end of the summer, she returned to the US where she obtained a Bachelor of Music at USC and a Master of Music at Westminster Choir College, both in Organ Performance. She is officially “retired,” but keeps busy by working on the Burbank High 1968 blog and 50th Reunion, teaching organ students, doing freelance work as an organist, and writing a blog about music and travel. In the last 5 years she has traveled over 300,000 miles and visited 15 countries.

Kathy Au Crosier plays the organ at Regnal Hall's memorial service.

Kathy Au Crosier plays the organ at Regnal Hall’s memorial service.

She feels her greatest accomplishment is teaching several hundred students how to play the organ—several dozen have become accomplished musicians with musical careers. Her favorite memories of Burbank High were accompanying the choir classes with Mr. Regnal Hall, and taking English with Ms. Thompson and Ms. Imbach in senior English class. If she didn’t make it in music, she could have been an English major!

With husband, Carl Crosier




With grandson and son’s family






















Carole Aikin Hutcheson

Carole Aikin

Carole Aikin Hutcheson grew up in a family of teachers, so it was no wonder that she became a teacher, too, and her children continue the tradition. She attended Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA her freshman year, then transferred to the University of Kansas along with her future husband, Dean Hutcheson.They were married in May 1971 on campus in the University Chapel and are in their 48th year of marriage. Carole writes, “Our faith and personal relationship with Jesus Christ has been the foundation of our marriage and family.”

Her first teaching job was in Independence, MO, in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. In 1995, after the addition of three children and 15 years of teaching, Carole pursued a Master’s Degree in Education. She made the move to middle school teaching 8th grade American History, retiring after 35 years in the teaching profession. “I would say that I was totally satisfied and very content with my students and my teaching content over all those years. My students gave me a wonderful energy every day and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed my teaching career.”

They have three children. Daughter Sarah lives with her family in Des Moines, IA and has 17-year-old twin sons, Noah and Samuel, and a daughter Scotland, 10. Their son, Joe, lives in Philadelphia and is a high school English teacher, making her mom proud. They have 9-year-old twin girls, Sylvia and Emma. Their youngest son, Zach and his wife live nearby. Zack taught school in Kabul, Afghanistan for three years at the American International School. He met his bride there at the school and they came back to the states They were married seven years ago. Zack’s wife, Parwana, has accomplished her medical degree at the University of Kansas Medical Center. They have plans to have children (who knows….maybe a third set of twins!)

Now retired for five years, Carole and her husband are engaged in a number of volunteer activities in their community and church, including walking as a daily physical activity and a membership at the area YMCA. They enjoy lectures at the University of Kansas, as well as attending movies and reading. But their most favorite pastime has been travel, including five international trips to Europe—a total of 25 countries so far. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer,” she writes. Pressed to name a favorite country, Carole says that Scandinavia, Russia and Italy have been the best. Her husband’s degree was in cartography-mapmaking, so they have no need for GPS with his background, hobbies and skills. They have been to Washington DC many times which satisfies Carole’s interest in American history.

Carole Aikin Hutcheson

Remembering Burbank High School, Carole says: “I am very grateful that I have good memories of my high school experience. Participating in the Burbank High Schooll drill team was an honor for me and enjoyment. I made a lot of friends there including upperclassmen that were good mentors to me. I was very impacted by certain teachers. Mr. Lockne, my Latin teacher, taught me things which at the time I thought were a bit boring, but I certainly used them throughout my education. Mr. Buckner, my biology teacher, really challenged me to be the best student I could be.. Mr. Young, my geometry teacher, really taught me patience as geometry was not my best talent.“

Probably the most impact on my learning what is Mrs. Claire Kingsbury, my 10th grade English teacher. She was a newlywed and a first-year teacher and I was very impressed and motivated by her style of teaching American literature. I credit her with instilling in me a real passion for reading and writing. While others in the class preferred to sit in the back row, I was in the front seat soaking in all of Shakespeare and the American classics. I probably looked like a real nerd, but she had me in her hand. Perhaps this is where our son’s love for literature and writing comes from as he performs as a high school English teacher.“

I am very thankful to for the good friends that I had while in high school. Leaving Burbank, California, and being so far away is no excuse for not communicating, but I’m afraid I did a poor job of staying connected. However, when I think of the friendships I had starting from Emerson kindergarten and first grade and the fact that so many of them continued all the way through high school, I feel very grateful. Seeing the class pictures on the school website has brought back many great memories.”

A 50th Wedding Anniversary!

DiAnna Morris ’68

The only couple in Burbank High’s Class of 1968 (to my knowledge) who has celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary is DiAnna Morris Hawkins and Bill Hawkins ’65.


The Little White Chapel

Bill and DiAnna were married during Easter break (April 6) 1968 at The Little White Chapel, Burbank. They opted for this date to accommodate Bill’s seasonal work opportunities in the motion picture industry. They rented an apartment across from BHS on the East Ave. and the  Glenoaks wedge. DiAnna would get up in the morning and walk across the street to BHS and Bill would go to work, if there was work at that time. They were on the original NewlyWed game in 68 and their daughter Danielle was born July 4, 1969. Their son Mathew was born in March of ’72 and their daughter Morgan in July ’82. They are blessed with 7 wonderful grandchildren.

Bill and she met when he dated her older sister Waver Morris (’66) for a short time. DiAnna was blessed to be able to stay at home with their 3 children while Bill spent over 40 years in the motion picture industry with most of that 40 years being at Warner Bros. in Burbank as Director of Technical Services. Bill retired in 2004 at age 58 and they have been blessed with good health during their 14 years in retirement. They made a decision to move the family to Big Bear in 1984 where they have enjoyed a ranch lifestyle now for about 34 years.

Bill and DiAnna

In 1968, as newlyweds, they invited DiAnna’s best friend Kathy O’Rell (’68) and Bill’s best friend Gary Schaedler (’65) over to their apartment to meet each other and have dinner. Kathy and Gary married in February of ’69 and have remained the Hawkins’ closest friends all these years. DiAnna writes, “so on our 50th anniversary this last April 6th, we drove to Burbank, visited the Little White Chapel, and had a special dinner at the Granada with Gary and Kathy. We also meet them at Bob’s Big Boy frequently for lunch.”

Kathy O’Rell

A recent picture of Bill and DiAnna.

You can give Bill and DiAnna your congratulations in person (as well as Kathy O’Rell Schaedler and Gary Schaedler!) as they will all be attending our 50th Class Reunion on October 6th!
By the way, even though the deadline has passed, it is still possible to register for the 50th Class Reunion as long as your payment reaches us by September 27th.

Alumni Snapshots

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Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!

How many of you remember the TV show, “Candid Camera”?

The premise of the program was easy. The show involved hidden cameras filming ordinary people being confronted with unusual situations, sometimes involving trick props, such as a desk with drawers that pop open when one is closed or a car with a hidden extra gas tank. When the joke was revealed, victims would be told the show’s catchphrase, “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera.”

Originally created and produced by Allen Funt, it often featured practical jokes. Here is a 70-second video showing some highlights:

In the “old” days, perhaps you went to a wedding reception where there were instant cameras at every table. Guests were instructed to take photos of each other, and then the cameras were collected to be given to the bride and groom.

These days nearly everyone has a smart phone and can take digital photos. At the Burbank High School 50th Class Reunion on October 6th, please take photos of each other with your smart phones or digital cameras, and send them to us for the memory book. (For more information on ordering a memory book at only $10, click here.)

Here’s where to send your photos:


This is also a gentle reminder that if you are not able to come to the reunion and its activities, please send a current photo of yourself (headshot please) and perhaps a photo of yourself doing a favorite activity.

Here’s the important information:

Please go to the Registration Page to officially register.

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Only 38 days to invent the perfect life!

52 days to go …

52 days to go … and these people (probably) don’t know about the Burbank High 1968 Reunion! The deadline for receiving your payment is coming up fast:

September 5

We know that most of you are not actually lost or missing … we just don’t have your email address, which means you have not received any of our notices. Don’t you know that all of us miss you?

On the off chance you do a Google search on yourself, and find your name below, or if you are reading this and know the whereabouts of the missing, please contact us at burbankhigh1968@gmail.com! You may be on this list if the email address we had for you bounced back, or we never had an email address for you. This is a DIFFERENT list from the Missing Classmates list which means we have absolutely no information for you.

Volunteers Needed: If you are willing to make some phone calls, please email Kathy Au Crosier and she will put you to work!

Red indicates Alumni found! – Thank you!

Geri Elliot Alessi
Carol Youngblood Arnold
Maryann Arnone
Jim Baldwin
John Bauer
Glen Beltran
Steve Blatnik – sent to ’70 sibling
Janet Heins Blicha
Timothy Bonner
Jim Brooks
Rosemary Buckley Bunch
Chris Elizabeth Juliana Capra
Susan Denhammer Carvalho
Marilyn Chapman
Claudia Babbe Collins – contacted by letter
Michele Long Cook
Traci Higgins Cowan
Dan Craig
Sharon Dotson Davis
Carole Freeman Edelhauser
Stuart Farb
Carol Anderhalt Fischer
Janna Gibson
Christopher Grande
Ron Gwynn
Tom Haines
James Hannon
Stephen Hartenstein
Hans Hekking
Kristine Kunkes Hekking
Howard Hetchko
Andy Huston
Iris Cartaya Jackson
Camille Swagler Jiron
Jill Geldin Keenan
Kim Kirschbaum
Terri Thomas Koblin
Glen Kroll
Elmer Logan
Tom Maljan
Carol Marino
Terry Martins
Esther Matica
Gary McNamara – sent to ’70 sibling
Eva Leontiev Miles
Jolene Devore Munson
Penny Nicholls
Ron Nida
Ed Norris
Mike Obrien
John Pallotti
Susan Paquette – sent to sibling Sally Paquette
Bob Pew
Bob Reitherman
Cecilia Julagay Reppert
Harold Robbins
Kevin Rossow
Nancy Conger Rossow
Cherry Saxon
Jim Seaton
Sara Evans Seaton – phone call
Ken Severson
Susan Shapiro
Ed Sickert
Randy Slocum
Corinne Bugbee Smith
Linda Hausman Sojka – found on Facebook
Tony Sojka
Art Sullivan
Dwight Temple
Kay Gumm Turner
Debra Schilling Weber
Wayne Wells
Tim Work
Ron Yasbek