Bonnie Moody

Bonnie Moody Rapp met her husband Dave Rapp, a John Burroughs student, while they were both working at KFC. Somehow they got past the rivalry, even though Dave threatened to lock her into the freezer. They have 2 children, both of whom are teachers, 3 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter. Although technically retired from LA Pierce College, Bonnie continues to teach English/ESL at Los Angeles Valley College.

“I’ve done much since graduating from BHS and starring in “Ask Any Girl,” our Senior Play, under the direction of Deanne Wolfson. I’ve been a mom, a teacher, a poet, and, I hope, a reliable friend. But on the night of our 50th reunion, my thoughts went back to that senior year at BHS and experiencing all Deanne Wolfson offered me. Prior to meeting her, I had been a shy introvert, who only dreamed of being on stage. Ms. Wolfson soon changed that. She managed to bring out the talent in all who came under her guidance, and she held court like a lioness. No one dared to question her. In Play Production, it was customary to sign up for roles. Doubting my abilities, I would wait until the day before “try-outs,” when Ms. Wolfson would inform me that I would be reading for a part. I soon realized that, in her mind, she had already assigned roles. When she told me I would be starring in the senior play and singing 7 songs, I balked, thinking, I can’t sing. She soon made sure I was connected to a singing coach, and sure enough, I sang 7 songs, something I’m still surprised I managed to do. One day she put me in touch with a Disney talent scout, who arranged for me to read for an upcoming Disney series. Although I didn’t pursue the role beyond the reading, Ms. Wolfson didn’t push me. Outside of her auditorium, she left decisions to us. As I said, I’ve done a lot since BHS, but Deanne Wolfson’s influence has remained with me. Having now been an English/ ESL college instructor for 30 years, I don my metaphorical greasepaint every day I go into class, where I perform at my best to deliver knowledge to a cast of characters pursuing their own dreams. Looking back, I truly believe that shy young girl needed a Deanne Wolfson to bring her out of her shell, to make her realize the magic of discovering all she could be.”

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A recent photo of Bonnie

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