There is never enough time to talk to each person individually at the Reunion, so we are asking that everyone to fill out this questionnaire so that we can “catch up” with what’s been going on in your life.

Click here:  Reunion Questionnaire

Email it as an attachment to

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    • Oleeta Igar says:

      I am not a Burbank High School alumni, but I am trying to contact Rick and Linda Reynolds in regards to Rick’s sister, Sharon’s death in August of this year. Sharon was a Burbank alumni and I just want to send my condolences and let them know how much I loved Sharon. We worked together and remained friend after she retired.

      I would appreciate some help in contacting them. Via e-mail is ok. I saw their pictures at one of the reunions on the blog and there was a link to this site. Thank you very much!

      Oleeta Igar

      • Katherine Crosier says:

        Dear Oleeta, I will answer you privately, if that’s okay. I am happy to connect people via email. If you want to contact a Class of 1968 graduate by email, send me a request.

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