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Carole Aikin

CAROLE AIKIN HUTCHESON grew up in a family of teachers, so it was no wonder that she became a teacher, too, and her children continue the tradition. She attended Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA her freshman year, then transferred to the University of Kansas along with her future husband, Dean Hutcheson. They were married in May 1971 on campus in the University Chapel and are in their 48th year of marriage!  Read more …

Kathy Au

KATHY AU CROSIER has spent her entire career in Hawaii, working as a church musician, organ recitalist and teacher. She was married to Carl Crosier, a fellow musician for 37 years before he died of pancreatic cancer in 2014. She has one son, 35 years old, who works as a network engineer in North Hollywood, CA and a nine month old grandson Read more …


Crilly Butler

Crilly Butler

CRILLY BUTLER met his wife Takami Sato Butler while he was living in Japan, training in the Japanese martial art of Aikido. They have been married for 34 years. Their son, Nicholas Rush Butler is the multitalented apple of his eye: captain of his high school soccer team; concert pianist; actor; writer; professional sushi chef; restaurant manager… Read more …



Donna Canzoneri

DONNA CANZONERI WRAY met her husband, John Wray BHS’68 on the band/drill team bus going to the first football game senior year. Married August 1972. They have 2 daughters. Jaisha works in cyber security for the State Department in DC. Karleen works at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital where she is a Child Life Specialist.   Read more …



Bob Chamberlin

ROBERT (BOB) CHAMBERLIN was an award-winning photographer for the Los Angeles Times before he took a buyout and retired in 2016. He had a part of four Pulitzer Prize awards at the Times as a photographer and an editor. In his 45 year career, he saw the civil war in El Salvador and Baby Doc Duvalier in Haiti just before he died. He met his first wife, Diane Lynch, while studying Spanish in Guatemala in ’88 during the civil war there. He proposed to her during a trek in Nepal in the Annapurna region. Read more…

John Ferguson

JOHN FERGUSON met his wife JoAnne Quinn on a blind date for an Army-Navy Football game in 1968. They were married in 1973, after his graduation from West Point and have been married ever since. So, they have known each other for 50 years and married for 45 by the time of his high school reunion.  Read more …



Teri Hill, 1968

Teri Hill

TERI HILL CLARK. Teri says that her name is so short (Teri Hill) that she started using asterisks over the “i’s” in the 5th grade when autograph books were brought to school. She said her name was so short and boring that she just had to jazz it up! She married Jerry W. Clark (BHS’67)—there were two Jerry Clarks. Hers is the one with glasses!  Read more


Roxanne Leko

ROXANNE LEKO LEWIS says that her favorite memories of high school would have to be her friendships with Robin Neklia Smith and Jodi Tillotson Huddleston, toilet papering homes and cruising Hollywood Blvd. She also liked to go to Sorrento Beach in Santa Monica; and had a great time in drill team, learning and performing routines weekly. She remembers her algebra teacher, Mr. Ansalome, embarrassing her in 1st period because she was just coming out of drill team and sometimes forgot to hook the back of her dress! Roxanne is widowed after 41 years of marriage to Tom Lewis, whom she met in the 9th grade at Scott Drugs. She has two children, a daughter and son, and four grandchildren, plus three dogs. She got her BA from Cal State LA in Home Economics and a special education credential from CSUN. Now retired since 2011 from the Burbank Unified Schools, she moved to Wisconsin to be closer to children and grandchildren, and works on the farm, landscaping and line dances 3 days a week. She says, “I loved teaching students with special needs and I think I brought a lot to the classroom and my students’ lives. I am still in contact with some of them. We raised two beautiful children and were married for 41 years to the same person.”


Larry Lewis

LARRY LEWIS’s favorite Burbank High memory is graduating! He received a Bachelor of Science and is almost retired—spends his time remodeling his house, skiing, sailing, and traveling. His significant other is Jean, whom he met when an old boyfriend introduced them. Since Burbank, Larry has lived in Hawaii, Mammoth Lakes and currently calls Laguna Beach home. He says that his greatest accomplishments have been qualifying as a worldwide sailing captain, a world class ski and snowboarder, a wine connoisseur and a builder of buildings.

Larry Marak, 1968

Larry Marak, 1968

LARRY MARAK is a third-generation Burbank homeowner. He met his wife, Melissa BHS’72 at Valley College at a German Club function. They have been married 42 years, no children. Larry received his BA at SFVSC (now called California State University Northridge), and a Master’s from UCLA in 978. He retired December 2015 from Burbank Water and Power and is active in his church and in board wargaming. His greatest accomplishment since high school has been visiting ancient sites all over the world and seeing a total solar eclipse at Foz do Iguasso. He remembers the excitement of reading Latin for the first time at Burbank High.

Randy Prescott

RANDY PRESCOTT. Randy now lives in Alexandria, VA. He has been married to Diane Marie Prescott for 30 years—they met at Jet Propulsion Laboratory where she was a CalTech Software Engineer. Altogether he has five children: four daughters and one son. His oldest daughter, Tracy, received a PhD in PT from USC. … Read more …


Norm Sabin, 1968

Norm Sabin

NORM SABIN met his wife Pat at a friend’s house in Glendale and has been married for 43 years (in February). They have three children, Daris, Kelsey and Zak, and two grandchildren with twins on the way in May. They also have two great-grandchildren, Judah and Luke, born in January. Norm went to the University of Colorado and Emory Riddle where he obtained a Bachelor of Science. He got a law degree from Read more …


Greg Sanders, 1968

Greg Sanders

GREG SANDERS took a long and winding road through BA, MA and PsyD and works full-time as a psychologist, adjunct professor and is in private practice on the Hawaiian island of Lana’i. He married Peggy Hahn in 1969 and divorced in 1974. He married Sharon Liden in 2000. He has two daughters, one son and five grandkids—all healthy, wealthy and wise! After graduating from Burbank High, he lived in Little Creek, Read more …


Fred Lee Stenson

FRED LEE STENSON retired in 2008 and again in 2012 but got bored and needed a project. He has a Sailing Master’s license and takes groups sailing around the world, in addition to working as a home builder. He is most proud of having the ability to mentor several young people in the construction industry. Read more …



Tom Tanksley, 1968

Tom Tanksley

TOM TANKSLEY now lives in Las Vegas. He writes: “Your latest probe hit me at a time when I had already been thinking about the past and feeling very fortunate. I want to take this opportunity, probably long overdue, to express my gratitude to the class of ’68 and to Burbank itself for what it meant in that part of my life. Read more …