Chris Cullen, 1968

Chris Cullen, 1968

That’s what our Burbank High classmate Christine Cullen Bartlett said about turning 65 last year. Her daughter treated her and her Tri Delta friends to lunch at her favorite Mexican Restaurant, La Villa Kitchen, in San Dimas, CA. Chris writes, “We had a great time! 65 has been an odd age…it’s ‘the next box.’ In my head I feel only 28! LOL. ”

Chris Cullen Bartlett and  herdaughter Amy

Chris Cullen Bartlett and her daughter Amy

Chris grew up with us, from Thomas Jefferson Elementary, to John Muir Junior High, and finally to Burbank High — but when I looked for her picture in the Ceralbus, I couldn’t find it. That’s because her family moved to Sacramento in her senior year and she graduated from Mira Loma High School. So even though she is technically one of the “X” graduates, she gets included in all the BHS class correspondence.

Chris with daughter Amy and son Mathew Bartlett.

Chris with daughter Amy and son Mathew Bartlett.

She loved studying art at Cal State Northridge (drawing, painting, printmaking and woodworking) but it never became a career for her. She didn’t want it to become something that she “had” to do. So in past years she used her artistic ability to design patches for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts (sadly, no longer available). She enjoyed knowing that her designs could be worn by scouts everywhere.

Wooden folk art by Chris Cullen Bartlett

Wooden folk art by Chris Cullen Bartlett

For several years she created and painted wood folk art and it became a small business. At the same time, she started cutting out wood patterns for other crafters. Chris says, “My children were little and this could all be done out of my garage. It was nice being a stay-at-home mom while they were young.”

These days, Chris crochets all the time, saying “there’s always one more person that I want to make an afghan for. Every November, I crochet a USA flag afghan for my church’s Christmas boutique raffle. I made a flag for Steve Hunt, class of ’68, and a very proud Army Veteran.

Here are just a few samples of Chris’ artwork. As people commented, “Such an impressive body of work and so diverse, Chris! Love it! . . . How nice! Very talented! . . . You’ve got a wonderful gift. . . Your art is a gift from the Lord. . . I’ve always been so impressed with your talent.”

2017 UPDATE: 

I just reread the one you wrote about me, back in 2015. The words you wrote, about me, seem to still apply today. Nothing much has changed. I’m still crocheting all the time. I have been able to sell some of the flag afghans! Mostly the “thin blue line” flags, for law enforcement. My daughter, Amy, 33, is still working as a computer tech, for Disney. She loves it. The people are great to work for and the “perks” at Disney are pretty nice. My son, Mathew, 35, is still an Army Ranger, but has been promoted to the rank of Captain….and was recently made commander of the Montana Airborne unit. Hooah
I hope you will pursue a mini reunion, for all the BHS ’68 grads that live by you. I would love to see the pictures of you all together. Thank you again for taking time to write blogs for us. You have such a wonderful talent. Best wishes to you for the new year! Take care!

Love, Christine Cullen Bartlett

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