I found Kenda Vaughan on FaceBook.

I found Kenda Vaughan on FaceBook.

I know Jim Ranshaw posted this story on the 40th Reunion blog in 2009, but I thought I’d repeat it here as it really shows you the ways that the Internet can help us reconnect.

Lark Ziegler was named Most Intelligent girl in our class.

Lark Ziegler was named Most Intelligent girl in our class.

After the reunion, I found Kenda Vaughan on FaceBook and she and I started corresponding. She said she had been in email contact with Lark Ziegler and that Lark was a preschool teacher in Texas. She offered to share Lark’s email with me, so Lark and I started catching up on the last 40 years.

In the course of the conversation, Lark mentioned that she and her husband had been in Kenya and Ecuador with a missionary organization, Wycliffe Bible Translators. It turned out that my sister, Doris (BHS’73) and her husband had been with the same organization for 30 years, so I casually asked Lark if she knew her. Not only did she know Doris, but Lark was Doris’ son’s preschool teacher in Duncanville, TX about 12 years before!

Lark Ziegler is a preschool teacher in Texas.

Lark Ziegler is a preschool teacher in Texas.

That was before my sister moved to the Washington, DC area and her son is now in college. Lark and Doris never revealed to each other that they went to the same high school, or that Lark and I were ’68 classmates at Burbank High.

The next amazing coincidence is that Lark phoned her mother on her 90th birthday to let her know that she had made contact with Kathy Au. Her mother said she knew my mother, Dorothy Au, because they went to the same church in Burbank! (My mother since died on June 29, 2011.) My mother did not know Bob and Betty Ziegler’s last name until I told her, or that her daughter, Lark and I were both ’68 BHS grads.

Small world, isn’t it?

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