I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed at the reaction to this new blog! In a day and a half, we have received over 750 visitors and here’s a sample of some of their comments:

Thank you so much for taking on blogging for the Burbank High School Class of 1968.  It’s a great idea and it will be helpful when we are working on the next reunion. (Sallie Shelton Thomas)

I saw the article from Katherine Crosier about the Burbank “B” and that she lives in Hawaii.  I moved to Maui in 1981. Just wondering if there are any other BHS alumni here in the islands?  It would be fun to meet old friends that live nearby! Thanks for doing this blog.  Even though I ususally don’t visit blogs or the internet much for that matter, I will be checking in and saying hello and see who is out there. (Judie Anderson)

Hi Kathy, I was pleased to get your email. Very informative and interesting. Btw, is Calvary Bible Church of Burbank the one you mentioned? I and my wife Cindy have attended there for years. I’m sorry I missed the 40th reunion. I plan to make the next one. Also, I plan on following the blogs. (Monty Morgan)

Kathy, thank you for taking this over.  I noticed that one page from the 40th reunion contact page is missing.  H through the beginning of M is missing.  I will send you a story for your blog page, but I want to take a few pictures first.  Thanks again, (Patti Molloy)

Kathy, I saw on Facebook that you have a blog, and you were surprised at how many are reading it. It just popped up on my email, and now I too can enjoy your fine stories. . . Thanks for allowing us to reconnect online. (Donna Canzoneri Wray)

Looks great, Kathy! (Cathy Palmer ’67)

Kathy, wow, this is great! Very nice. (Alan Landros ’70)

How great to find this blog in my email this morning! Just yesterday, as a late Christmas gift, I received Burbank’s centennial commemoration book from my brother (still in Burbank). So, I’m in a nostalgic state of mind. Thanks for taking this on. I’ve enjoyed Jim’s dedicated efforts over the years and look forward to re-linking and catching upThanks again. Skip Johnston

Anybody up for a low key 45th reunion?  Every one of them has been so enjoyable.  Thanks, Jim Ranshaw, for making sure the last one happened. (Stephanie Llewellyn)

Keep those cards and letters coming!

About Katherine Crosier

I am an organist in Honolulu—a rare breed of folks who play the King of Instruments! Through stories, photos, and videos, this blog is a diary of my musical journey ... and my family just groans!

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  1. bozo1111 says:

    Anyone else living in FL? I’m Burbank HS alum but living in Orlando area last 16 years would be interesting to find out…

  2. Nancy Munro Slayton says:

    I read something on the blog about living in Hawaii’ I live in Oahu .My best friend is Nancy Spaulding.y name was Nancy Munro, and I moved away from Burbank after 6th grade. I went to the 30th reunion with Nancy and Bob Mara, and saw and talked to several old classmates who remembered me, and it was one of the most wonderful time ever!!!!!!! Juat wanted to share that!!!

  3. Jackie Hayes Steen says:

    I second Stephanie Llewellyn’s idea of a low key 45th reunion! I know it is a lot of work, but it would be such fun!

  4. Steve Raine says:

    Beauty (aka Mary) & I would enjoy getting together for a 45th (especially since she couldn’t come to the 40th.) We’re a ways away now (Coalinga), but it’s do-able. The big challenge would be scheduling.

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