Diamond Head is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Hawaii.

Diamond Head is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Hawaii.

When I wrote that I have lived in Hawaii since 1973, there was some speculation as to whether there might be other Burbank High grads who live in the islands. And so far, three other classmates have contacted me with updates.

Judie Anderson lives on Maui.

Judie Anderson lives on Maui.

Judie Anderson writes: I saw the article from Katherine Crosier about the Burbank “B” and that she lives in Hawaii.  I moved to Maui in 1981. Just wondering if there are any other BHS alumni here in the islands?  It would be fun to meet old friends that live nearby! Thanks for doing this blog.  Even though I ususally don’t visit blogs or the internet much for that matter, I will be checking in and saying hello and see who is out there.  

When I asked her to send a recent photo, she said: “Photos are not my friend anymore at this age. I thought about sending an earlier, more attractive photo. But, I cannot lie! The sixties are here, ONCE AGAIN!”

But Judie, you look gorgeous!

Jackie Casimano (Lena) and her husband, Kenneth Hiraoka.

Jackie Casimano (Lena) and her husband, Kenneth Hiraoka.

Then I heard from Jackie Casimano, who writes:   I never felt comfortable as Jackie, so changed my name to Jacalina, adopted Lena as a nickname, and that’s how people know me now. On my second marriage, but use my maiden name, Casimano.

I was very pleased to find your email. Haven’t really been involved with keeping in touch, but the blog really touched my heart. Just a quick update on my life:  I’ve been living on Maui since 1992,  and teach art at Kamehameha Schools, Maui Middle School Campus. 

My sister tried to encourage me to attend our 40th reunion, but I just didn’t go.  Seeing the photos and reading about the classmates who attended and the staggering number of ones who have departed this world really moved me. I found myself suddenly aware of how short life can be.

She married her second husband, Kenneth Hiraoka, in 2003. He is an artist who specializes in Hawaiian cultural arts, especially ivory hooks, and has two galleries on Maui.

The other person who contacted me was Nancy Munro Slayton, who moved away from Burbank after 6th grade. She went to the 30th reunion with Bob Mara and his wife Nancy Spaulding. She says she lives on Oahu and that when she went to the 30th reunion, “I saw and talked to several old classmates who remembered me, and it was one of the most wonderful time ever!!!!! Just wanted to share that !!!!!”

Sooner or later, everyone gets to Hawaii. If you are planning a trip, contact me and maybe we can have a mini-BHS reunion!

About Katherine Crosier

I am an organist in Honolulu—a rare breed of folks who play the King of Instruments! Through stories, photos, and videos, this blog is a diary of my musical journey ... and my family just groans!

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  1. Karen Berg says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I graduated from U of H and loved it there. I think I left a part of my heart there and that I may end up living there again someday. I have a niece, Deanne who lives on Oahu with her husband and two little ones. She works at Marcia Nadalin Salon in the Kahala Mall and works wonders with hair. I also have a nephew, Ron who is married to the wonderful Mari and they have a new baby boy. So I have lots of connections to Hawaii and lots of reasons to visit. I haven’t been back to the other islands since I sailed there in the 70s, but I will someday. I do plan a visit to see the new grand nephew during one of our next school breaks. It would be fun to see some of you again. Karen Walther Berg

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