What were YOU doing on October 3, 1955?

That was the day the Mickey Mouse Club first premiered. It was also the day the Soviet battleship struck a World War II mine in the Baltic Sea.

But it’s very possible that YOU were having fun on the playground at Emerson School, 720 Cypress Avenue, Burbank on that very day!

Out of the blue, we were contacted by Abraham Raphael of thearchivist.com about a video he created for a Los Angeles family from home movies which contained images of children on the playground of Emerson School on October 3, 1955. Since many of the students in Burbank High School’s Class of 1968 attended Emerson School, it’s very possible that you may find yourself in the video!

I think I found Marilyn Kasper and Carole Aikin — tell us if you recognize more faces! Unfortunately I didn’t see myself in the video, but maybe you will! You’ll also see “The Bungalow,” a temporary classroom located on the edge of the playground.

A recent picture of Emerson School on Cypress Avenue.

A recent picture of Emerson School on Cypress Avenue.

Click here to watch the video.

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I am an organist in Honolulu—a rare breed of folks who play the King of Instruments! Through stories, photos, and videos, this blog is a diary of my musical journey ... and my family just groans!

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  1. Marilyn Beck says:

    I wasn’t able to see the video.didn’t seem to like my computer, but I was at Village Christian school in 1955. I did go to Emerson but not until 1958. So fun that you are doing this for all of us!

    Marilyn (Kasper) Beck

    • Katherine Crosier says:

      It’s possible there is a wrong date in the video description, because I see a number of girls wearing Blue Bird uniforms. Also we would have been about 5 years old in 1955 and the children in the video look older than that. Perhaps you can use another computer to view the video — I think it’s in .mov (Apple) format.

  2. pudelvr says:

    WOW, that is so fun. Kathy,

    I didn’t see myself either, but at the end (when all the children are walking toward the camera) there is a little girl in a blue dress with a big white collar that sure looks like Carole Aiken. I don’t know if she’d have looked that old though.

    Thanks for sharing the great memories!

    There is one more Emerson School video on the Getty site.

    Halloween 1955:

  3. Katherine Crosier says:

    This comment from Barbara Weitbrecht:

    Wow — talk about a time warp! At that date I would have been two days short of five years old, and would have just entered kindergarten. (We both appear in the picture of Mrs. Perry’s kindergarten class taken in April, 1956.) I would not have known anyone in the “big kids” playground. In any case, I’ve always been terrible at recognizing faces. But I certainly remember those buildings, and that playground equipment. Did we really dress like that? Those impossible full skirts with the flouncy petticoats? I’m so glad times have changed in that regard.

    Thanks for the time-travel. Amazing.

  4. Marilyn Beck says:

    I finally got this to work, our internet was down yesterday. So fun to these this! I didn’t recognize myself, but I sure recognized Carole Aiken! I started at Emerson in 1958. I agree that the kids look older than 5, and the color is really good. Was there color in 1955? Loved seeing the playground. And I agree with Barbara’s comment about playing in those dresses. I remember the boys would watch to see under our skirts when we played on the bars. They start early! Thanks again so much for posting this. And the one from Halloween.

  5. Marilyn Beck says:

    Sorry….Marilyn KASPER Beck 🙂 Haven’t used the Kasper in too many years!

  6. pudelvr says:

    Sorry, I didn’t sign my post either; it just says pudelvr.

    I’m Jill Gipson and remember those days fondly. What fun we all had!

    Since the kids are all different sizes, I wonder if they chose a couple from each grade to be in it? I recognize the playground like it was yesterday.

  7. Hey Guys, I’m the fellow that did the transfer. I do film scanning here in LA with the goal of looking for archival stock footage. If any of you have home movies you would like to have scanned free of charge, please contact me at 310-415-7161. If you have a more accurate date for the above clips, I can contact Getty Images and let them know. Happy Viewing!!!

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