imagesAwhile back I wrote about having left my iPad in a Subway restaurant and being so thankful that someone turned it in to the restaurant staff. I was so amazed that there were still good, honest people left in the world. In case you would like to read the post, you can click here. Well, it’s happened to me again, and this time I can thank the people at my local Costco for having the systems in place for bumbling people like myself.

I was in the checkout line and handed the cashier my Costco card.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but there’s a block on this card. Did you report it stolen?”

“No, I didn’t. Is there something wrong?” I immediately called my husband, and asked whether he had lost his card. “No, it’s right here in my hand. In fact, we even made payment on the account and it’s not due until the 12th.”

I even called my son (since we’re all on the same account) to find out whether he had lost his card. He said, “no, I have it right here.”

In a few minutes I had my answer. The cashier went to the office and came out with my wallet!  I had taken out my Costco card earlier, and must have either dropped the wallet in the parking lot or somewhere in the store, and someone turned it in! The store immediately put a block on my account. So I have to count myself either incredibly lucky, or undeniably forgetful! I didn’t even know I had lost my wallet — Costco knew it before I did!

The view on San Fernando Road, Burbank

The view on San Fernando Road, Burbank

All this made me think back to Zody’s in Burbank, located where there is a Kmart is now. It was located on San Fernando Road and was one of the first “big box” discount stores in Burbank. You could buy all sorts of things at Zody’s — from clothing, to household goods, to sporting goods, even jewelry.

While we are on the subject of discount stores, I also remember ice cream at Newberry’s (where it was 10¢ a scoop) and Thrifty Drugs (where it was only 5¢ a scoop!) on Magnolia.

I’m sure that in those days if you lost your wallet, you’d be out of luck!

Remember Zody's?

Remember Zody’s?

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