Wayne Schumacher

Wayne Schumacher

Jim Ranshaw just sent in another name for the memorial list, even though we are just posting it now. Wayne Schumacher died on August 6, 2011 of a genetic brain disorder. Apparently his father and grandfather died young as well. When Jim talked to his wife just before our 40th Class Reunion, she said he had been excited about coming to the 30th reunion but started having motor issues just prior. At first they had suspected multiple sclerosis, but then discovered the brain disorder. Wayne spent the last twelve years of his life in a convalescent hospital and did not recognize anyone, including his wife and sons.

It’s a reminder that life is precious — and we need to take the opportunity to reconnect with our roots whenever we can.

Have you made plans to come to the 45th Class Reunion on Sunday, October 13th, 6 pm, at the Castaway Restaurant? Here again is the address of where to send your check: (payable to BHS Class of ’68)

BHS Class of ’68
c/o Jim Ranshaw
1017 E. Fairmount Road
Burbank, CA  91501

Cost is $55 before August 1 and $60 after August 1.

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