Susan Parker Easley

Susan Parker

Some of you may know that I’ve recently released a CD and a DVD of two all-Bach concerts I presented in August. I announced the availability of the recordings on my FaceBook page, and lo! and behold, yesterday I got an order from someone in Florida.

The Easleys just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary.

The Easleys just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary.

I was not familiar with the name, Sue Easley, so I tried to find her on FaceBook only to discover we had a mutual friend, Chris Cullen Bartlett from Burbank High. I got really excited when I learned Sue also graduated from Burbank High. A little more digging, and it was Susan Parker Easley, from the Class of ’68!

She accepted my FaceBook friend request, and on Friday, announced it was her 44th wedding anniversary. That means she and husband John Easley were married in September 1969, making them one of the longest-married couples from our class. Here’s what she wrote about herself:

Susan Parker Easley and husband, John.

Susan Parker Easley and husband, John.

John and I have been married for 44 years. As the wife of a career Navy man ( he did 30 years) our family has lived in Puerto Rico, Okinawa, Japan and a couple of years in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. In between overseas tours the Navy kept sending us back to the Pensacola, Florida area so when it came time to retire we stayed. Our three children, two sons and one daughter, have located nearby so we are able to see them often. We also have three grand-daughters ages 11, 8 & 6. And for the pet lovers we have 12 grand-cats and 2 grand-dogs, when we need a pet fix we go visit the kids. I retired this summer after 17 years in the college bookstore business. I worked for Follett, and was manager of the bookstore at the Milton campus of Pensacola State College. I really enjoyed my time there but am looking forward to being home and getting back into sewing and quilting. You will probably laugh when i tell you this, but every time I see pink gingham fabric I remember 8th grade and our matching dresses, that is real friendship. Our retirement has taken a twist as John has developed Parkinsonism and is slowing down rapidly. We aren’t traveling as much as we used to, but there is always another cruise to take somewhere.

Another couple who was married in the same month and year was Sallie Shelton Thomas, who with husband John, would also have celebrated 44 years together. Sadly, John passed away on June 4th earlier this year. (Click here for his obituary in the Burbank Leader.)

I asked Steve Raine how many years he’s been married to Mary aka “Beauty”, and he said 41, with number 42 coming up next July 15th! What a coincidence! My husband and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary also on July 15th!

Say, all you Burbank High grads who have been married 40 years or more, please raise your hands! and tell us how you’ve done it.

P.S. If you would like to take a look at my CD and DVD, you can click here.

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  1. […] was the comment on Jackie Hayes’ wedding photo when I asked her to send it. My post about Susan Parker Easley and about the people in our class who have been married 40 years or more brought forth this message […]

  2. […] with every BHS’68 grad and “tell your story.” My recent post about discovering Susan Parker Easley and learning that she celebrated 44 years of marriage created quite a […]

  3. […] with every BHS’68 grad and “tell your story.” My recent post about discovering Susan Parker Easley and learning that she celebrated 44 years of marriage created quite a […]

  4. Teri Clark says:

    Jerry W. Clark (class of ’67) and Teri (Hill) Clark (class of ’68) ; married 43 years; we will celebrate our 47th Going Steady Anniversary tomorrow (Oct 21st) … I remember spending more time wrapping Jerry’s BHS ring with masking tape than doing anything else that night 🙂 Friend me on FaceBook (Teri Clark) if you want to know my story 🙂

  5. Tonia "Toni" Szilagyi Mapston says:

    Hubby Darrell Mapston and I had 44 years of marriage on June 20, 2014 … Married in 1970 at end of his senior and my sophomore years of college. He’s a Montana boy born and bred. We have four daughters, four son-in-laws, seven grandchildren, and another due March 11, 2015, which will make four of each, including a set of twins, ages nine months, twins three, four, six, seven, thirteen. Two daughters live in Iowa and two in Oregon. The girls are all college graduates.

    In our wedding party, were some of our classmates … Joyce Mulder Ferguson, Janene Verge Ferguson, Corrine Bugbee, Suzanne Schweitzer, Carole Freeman and Alan Mulder BHS67.

    Dad and mom have both passed, 1994 and 2009 respectively. I sold the Burbank house by owner in 2011.

  6. […] For other classmates who have been married forty or more years, we’ve heard from Robin Neklia Smith and Don Smith (“Made it to the Prom“)—42 years; Teri Hill Clark and Jerry Clark — 45 years (“Joy and tragedy through 47 years“), Bonnie Moody Rapp and Dave Rapp — 45 years (“Five generations in one family”); and Sue Parker Easley and John Easley — 46 years in September! (“Married for Life”). […]

  7. […] Artists“) and that was about the time we also heard that Susan Parker Easley (“Married for life“) was looking forward to getting home and sewing. Since then she has been quilting up a […]

  8. […] out the post “Married for life“ for a story on how Sue met her husband John. You can also see samples of her quilting here: […]

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