Bonnie Moody, 1968

Bonnie Moody, 1968

In remembering our graduation year, 1968, Bonnie Moody Rapp says:

Borrowing from Dickens, 1968 was “the best of times, . . the worst of times.” While the Vietnam War raged and Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy fell to assassins, the civil rights movement and the space program promised better tomorrows.

Now when I think of our class of ’68 and how far we’ve come, it seems we were blessed with a keen sense of optimism and hope, allowing us to thrive, accomplish much and enrich our lives with strong family ties.

As for Dave and me, we married in 1970 and celebrated our 43rd Anniversary in August. While his career has been in the business world, mine has been in the humanities by teaching English and English As a Second Language at LA Pierce College for 29 years. I retired from Pierce in 2011, but continue to teach part-time at LA Valley College. Our children, Trevor and Nikki, have become teachers too, both working for Burbank Unified. Besides family, my passions are poetry, which I write avidly; photography, which I practice shamelessly; and North Carolina, where I try to visit my birth city each summer. Dave and I also love boating and getting out on the waves as much as we can.

Bonnie Moody Rapp and her great-granddaughter!

Bonnie Moody Rapp and her great-granddaughter!

Bonnie says that they have one grandson, Patrick and one great-granddaughter, Avary Nicole. Wow! Anyone else in the Class of ’68 who is a great-grandparent?! To boot, Bonnie says that her parents, Dot and Tom Moody, are well and still living in Burbank, where the family gathers for birthdays and holidays.

That means there are five generations living in that family! Can anyone else in our Class top that?!

Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing!

Bonnie Moody Rapp still celebrates birthdays and holidays in Burbank with her family.

Bonnie Moody Rapp still celebrates birthdays and holidays in Burbank with her family.

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