Roxanne Leko, 1968

Roxanne Leko, 1968

A recent picture of Roxanne.

A recent picture of Roxanne.

Jodi Tillotson Huddleston sent me a message about the passing of Roxanne Leko Lewis‘ husband, Thomas M. Lewis, last Saturday, October 12, 2013. Tom was a Burbank native, but graduated from Notre Dame High School, then went on to attend Glendale College and Valley College. He and Roxanne married on September 9, 1972 which means that they were married for 41 years. According to the obituary published in the Beloit Daily News, Tom was the owner of Jay Scott Drugs, the neighborhood pharmacy in Burbank.

Roxanne and her husband, Tom, left Burbank a few years ago and moved to Wisconsin to be near their two children, Kimberly and Timothy, and four grandchildren.

Roxanne wrote, “What fun we had toilet-papering his house and Tom scaring us! We did have great memories.”

Online condolences may be sent to the family at

Our deepest sympathies are with Roxanne and her family as she mourns the loss of her husband.

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  1. bozo1111 says:

    So sorry to learn of Roxie’s husband passing…very sad after so many years together.
    I have happy memories of our times together when we were on the drill team at Burbank HS, the mischief we could get into after football games. Those were carefree days, we were so young and inexperienced. Roxie is a terrific gal, sending thoughts and prayers her way.

  2. Donna Wray says:

    Oh Roxanne, sorry to hear your sad news. We hope to see you at the next reunion. Donna Canzoneri Wray and John

  3. […] Thomas (her husband, classmate John Thomas died June 4, 2013); Roxanne Leko Lewis (her husband Thomas Lewis died October 12, 2013), and Mary Bozeman […]

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