Skip Johnston and his wife, Sandra

Skip Johnston and his wife, Sandra, in a recent photo taken in Charleston

So says Skip Johnston aka Wray Johnston, whom you may remember, was often confused with Johnston Wray in our class. Check out the post I wrote called “Wrong Wray!”.

Skip answered our call to update information and says that for the past seven years, he and his wife raised horses on a small hilltop farm overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. But “fun as that was, we’ve recently ‘downsized’ to a semi-suburban lifestyle to allow for more travel and time with family.”

He says that they have had some great vacations, mostly around the U. S. But a couple of years ago, one of his paintings won them a week in a Tuscan villa! As Skip commented, “Pretty cool!” That’s a far cry from where they live now, in Greenville, South Carolina.

Wray Johnston (Skip)

Wray Johnston (Skip)

Skip, an artist and creative director, says he has four children from a previous marriage, and has two step-kids. Between the two of them, they also have eleven grandchildren.

This is the part of Skip’s form that I am coming to see more and more. When asked if he would retire, he said: “no. Probably never.”

He probably is continuing to add to his portfolio, which you can see on his website: If you look through our 1968 Ceralbus, you’ll find it is filled with Skip’s work!

Here's a sample of Skip's artwork in the Ceralbus.

Here’s a sample of Skip’s artwork in the Ceralbus.

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  1. Steven Lester says:

    I had forgotten how gifted he was artistically. I mean to say, look at this example in the post just made: although the detail is impressive in and of itself, where others might have just left it as just an image, he added the backdrop to lend depth to the picture, and most impressive to myself, created a reflective floor and even reflected his creative name upon the same flooring. As he has grown since those thousands of years ago, I can imagine his skill has grown at least equally as well. Do I sound impressed? I guess I am. I got a D in art class, myself. Stick figures just did not count.

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