Betsey Nash, August 2015

Betsey Nash, August 2015

Betsey Nash was one of the real leaders of our class.

Betsey Nash was one of the real leaders of our class.

As many of us in the Burbank High Class of 1968 have or will turn 65 this year, it means that many of us are beginning our retirement, the “R” word. In fact, SmartMoney magazine held a competition to rename this next chapter in our lives, and some of the suggestions among the 4,000 submissions were: American Idle, Seventh Inning Stretch, and Near Death Experience. The top 10 terms were Aspirement, End-joy-ment, Entirement, GEN R, Life 2.0, Re-creation, Redefinement, Reinspirement, Reinventment and Rewirement.  The winner was Life 2.0.

Our classmate, Betsey Nash has just joined the club, and she gave us permission to share her retirement celebration with the class. Here is a sampling of some of the comments she received:

Great! Now what’cha gonna do for an encore? Whatever it will be, live well and enjoy!

Oh what a happy look on your face!

Now what? Retirement won’t slow your spirit down. Congrats!

ENJOY your newfound freedom!

Love the photo & crown! Cheers to you! Congratulations on your retirement. Love you!!

Generous. Kind. Heartfelt. Slightly inappropriate. Unexpected. Brave. Intelligent. Spot On. These are the words to describe my dear friend, mentor and colleague, Betsey Nash, who officially retires from “working for the man” at 5:00 p.m. today!  I know I’m not alone in my appreciation of her contribution to the mentoring and development of business women (and men) on the Central Coast and beyond. I know this because people tell me all the time about how Betsey supported them, helped them, referred them, gave them feedback.

Congratulations Betsey!! You have made the kind of impact that is lasting and good; you have inspired, mentored, made us laugh and lead with grace. You have earned retirement and I know you’ll make the most of it with Marci. 

Even our classmate, Steve Raine, couldn’t believe that Betsey has retired and wrote this:

11807791_10206431950111223_590810661292540629_oOFFICIAL NOTIFICATION
ATTN: Ms. Betsey Nash

This is to inform you that we have invalidated your retirement. You are too valuable, too remarkable, and way too much fun. Being outrageously generous, we might triple your vacation allotment (but don’t hold your breath). However, Retire? Not a chance, Baby…! BTW—you’re scheduled to bring treats for everyone this Friday!

With Kind Regards (and a big smile),
The Mis-Management

I understand that Betsey will be helping out the local Food Bank with HR in her “retirement,” aka Life 2.0, meaning BETTER and MUCH IMPROVED!

Congratulations, Betsey! And as someone commented on Facebook: You are the cutest retired girl EVER!

(P.S. Any other BHS grads who wish to share news of their retirement? Email details and photos to me, Kathy Au Crosier.)


I’m right behind you, Betsey!

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