Steve is shown with Theresa Moore.

Steve is shown with Theresa Moore, who wrote: My best and closest friend over the years you were always there. Someone I could forever count on. You were family. I can’t believe you have left so quickly and far too soon. Love you always and miss you terribly.

As many of you now know, our classmate Steve Irey died on the very day of my last post, “Prayers for Steve Irey.” June Ingersoll Roseberry wrote Jim Ranshaw:

Steve was surrounded by friends and family members last night. It was a relief but a sad moment for me this morning when I got the news. I know that he is not in anymore pain. I will miss him as we all will. He was a sweet man and a great friend. I will miss all his emails . There will be no memorial as per his wishes.
I for one am glad that God took him quickly. My prayers are for his family and all of us that are left to mourn.

Jim wrote “sadly he didn’t get to see all the outpouring from his classmates.” In addition to the comments which were left on the last post, here are the comments from Facebook:

I hadn’t seen Steve in over 50 years, but still have vivid memories of what a great friend he was at Emerson School in Burbank. It is always hard to lose a friend, especially a close one. (Jill Gipson)

Oh, so sorry to hear. I remember what a nice guy he was. (Sallie Shelton Thomas)

Another recent photo of Steve.

Another photo of Steve with Deli Thompson

Dave Campbell and I were talking about Steve last night, and like Sallie said, he was a really nice guy; incredibly nice. (Mike O’Connell)

My prayers are with the family & all the friends! !! God’s speed Steve….you are going to a much better place with no pain or suffering!!!! Luv to all, Laura!!!! (Laura L. Young)

So sad to lose another classmate. (Annette Dinolfo Bennett)

Prayers to you Steve Irey. I am so sorry that you have to suffer so much pain. I know what you are going through as my husband and his brother went through the same thing. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻  that they at least keep you out of pain and that God is watching over you. (Elizabeth “Liz” Anderson Eder)

The news is just sinking in. How do you give up part of your own heart? Can’t tell Beauty yet. She’s on her way home. She’s going to be destroyed. He’s always been our kids’ Uncle Irey. (Steve Raine)

Steve, thanks for sharing the journey as classmates at Burbank High ’68. Please know that so many of us Bulldogs are thinking of you. (Kenda Vaughan)

I too had a good time catching up with Steve Irey at the 45th reunion, many blessing for a pain free passing and good blessings to you and your family. (Jodi Tillotson Huddleston)

Thanks to you and June for letting us know. Years have past since our Cub Scout days. So sad! (John Ferguson)
Just found out that Steve passed last night. Our prayers are with the family. (Norm Sabin)
One of my most dearest friends. I will miss our banter, his crazy jokes, big hearty laugh and his kind soul. I found an old picture taken before I left Chico in 1991 and moved to Santa Clara. We never lost touch and now he’s gone. Rest in peace my friend. (Deli Thompson)
Who can forget Steve with his almost neon bright red hair. One of the guys I hung with in elementary school in Burbank. (Michael Katzman)
5/9/16 update: Facebook reminded me about this post from Steve Irey a year ago today: Hi Katherine. How did I end up in Chico. After high school I went to Pierce for a short stint. Basically a waste of time. Was joined the Air Force in 1970. Spent 3 1/2 yrs in Texas and 2 yrs in England. Moved to Glendale and spent time at Glendale Community College. Worked for Gallenkamp shoes in Glendale for a few years while living in Burbank. Got hired by an old friend, Brad Wilhelm, and moved to Kingman Az to manage one of his restaurants. Moved back to southern cal and went to Northridge for a semester or two. Hated it. My folks had moved to Anderson, just north of Chico, and I visited them. While there I visited Chico, liked it and applied to Chico State. Moved here in 1980, graduated in 1984. That’s basically the tale. Pretty much trying to be retired.  
Sounds like you are well in Hawaii. Someday I would like to get over there. Been a dream for years…Since I read Mutiny on the Bounty. LOL

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  1. Deanba Bergman says:

    Such sad news! Wishing peace and grace to his family during this difficult time.

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