News Flash!

Burbank High School Class of 1968 is having a 50th Reunion and would like to tell everyone about it!

Big Problem: Here is a list of people for whom we have no contact information. If YOUR NAME is below, or if you know how to contact any one of these people, please send the email address to

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 6.53.19 AMIf you know ANYTHING about how to contact these people, please let them know about the 50th Class Reunion and direct them to the website,

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 6.54.15 AMOr if you would be willing to volunteer to search for people and their email addresses, or perhaps make telephone calls, please email us here.

About Katherine Crosier

I am an organist in Honolulu—a rare breed of folks who play the King of Instruments! Through stories, photos, and videos, this blog is a diary of my musical journey ... and my family just groans!

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  1. crillybutler says:

    I’m FB friends with Tom Bird. I sent him a message asking him to get in touch. Guess we’ll see.

    • Katherine Crosier says:

      Thanks, Crilly. I am hoping that more of our class can reconnect. I didn’t even list the scores of classmates for whom we have no current email address—just a last known address or a phone number. That list will be next. Kathy

  2. Mary Bozeman Ellerbeck says:

    Does anyone know if Susan Denhammer has responded?

    • Katherine Crosier says:

      No, in fact Susan is on the next list I’m going to publish, of people for whom we have an address and phone number but no email address. If you can contact her, please do and let her know about the reunion! Thanks!

  3. Steven Lester says:

    I know that Max Byers and John Curtis are deceased.

    • Katherine Crosier says:

      Yes, I took Max out of the first list, but we did not know about John Curtis. Do you have any details? death date? obituary?

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