Doris Adams, 1968

I had Mrs. Doris Adams for art at Burbank High. Did you?

Alan Landros ’70, sent us this:

Mrs. Doris Adams passed away at age 96 in March 2018.  She was born June 17, 1921, her passing being just a little more than three months from her 97th birthday.  After she retired from Burbank High she and her husband moved to Laguna Beach in the 1970’s.  They moved to a retirement residence in Aliso Viejo near Laguna Beach a number of years ago.  Mr. Adams passed away about nine years ago.  Mrs. Adams continued being very involved where she lived, including teaching art classes.  Up until the last few years she swam everyday, and continued to drive locally in Orange County.

In June of 2015 she attended our BHS ‘70 45th reunion at the Castaway in Burbank, along with her daughter-in-law, Linda Sherbert Adams – BHS ‘69, and her granddaughter, Kelly Adams Knott.  Mrs. Adams enjoyed a wonderful long life.  She had her 49th birthday on June 17th, the day before our class graduated from BHS on June 18, 1970, now almost 48 years ago!  I was one of the lucky ones who was in Mrs. Adams’ art classes during my senior year at BHS, and was able to keep in touch with her over the years, especially the early years after being in her classes.  Mrs. Doris Adams is survived by her family who loved her very much, her two sons and their wives, her grandchildren, and her six great-grandchildren.

This photo was taken on her 95th birthday in 2016.

Mrs. Adams, 2016

This photo was taken several years ago on her balcony where she lived in Aliso Viejo.

Mrs. Adams on her balcony

Here is a recent photo of Mrs. Adams and her grandson, Matt Adams.

Mrs. Adams and grandson, Matt

And before it’s too late…

We heard from Science, Math, Photography teacher and Junior Varsity Basketball coach Leon Frankamp recently who wrote: About three inches of beautiful wet snow here and the moisture is a blessing!  My cancer has returned but no details until next week as to how much and exactly where.  A biopsy will be done next week.  But, I am confident everything will be OK!   If you would share my info about the cancer with your address list, requesting prayer, sending prayer for my condition I would appreciate that very much!  Again, thanks so much.  With love and respect, Leon 

(If you would like to email Mr. Frankamp, click here)

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  1. My great aunt Bernadette Kennedy passed away in 2013 and left me a very unique and beautiful painting by Doris Adams. I’m not sure if or how they knew each other but I love the painting.

    Patrick Davis

  2. Alan Landros says:

    Thank you, Kathy. Mrs. Adams passed away on March 5. She would have been 97 years old this June 17. On April 7 her family held a memorial for her in Aliso Viejo, and I was able to attend. The memorial was well attended and was a special time to remember a special person. After the memorial the family invited me to go out with them on a large catamaran from Dana Point Harbor to scatter the ashes of Mrs. Adams, near Monarch Bay, and directly out from the Ritz Carlton Resort. There were 21 of us on board. Nine of the family members took turns spreading her ashes over the water, while a family friend with a beautiful tenor voice sang several numbers, all so beautiful. A similar trip was held after the passing of Mr. Adams in 2010. After we returned to Dana Point the family also invited me to join all of them for dinner at the favorite Chinese restaurant on Mrs. Adams and her husband in Laguna Niguel. There were 25 of us at dinner. It was a special day for me, celebrating the life of one of my all-time favorite teacher (Alan Landros)

    • Alan, if possible please let the family know, I would be honored to return Mrs. Adams art piece to them if someone would like to have it. It’s a remarkable painting she did with a unique technique.

  3. Stephanie C Llewellyn says:

    What lovey pictures. Mrs. Adams and several of her class sessions stand out in my mind. There was a touch of the bohemian about her, and she made me feel I was an artist too, a notion that persisted for quite a long time. The teachers really cared about us and had time to nurture, It’s so important for kids to have access to the arts in high school. I remember learning tonette in elementary school, listening to the music of other cultures on the radio and in junior high (Miss Brawley) learning flute in summer school, chorus and modern dance and acting in high school (Mis Wolfson), all great things to coax a shy kid. like me into self expression and participation.

  4. We ALL are artists, craftspeople, teachers and students. Immersing ourselves in cultures, nature, and the arts and share our ideas and experiences fosters compassion, respect for all life and tolerance! I think Mrs. Adams surely would agree.

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