The Big Game was always Burbank vs. Burroughs

If you check out the Wikipedia article on high school rivalries, you might be surprised to learn that Burbank High School is listed along with John Burroughs. Remember them? the Indians? Our cross-town rivals?

The annual “Big Game” between cross town rivals the Burbank High School Bulldogs and the John Burroughs High School Indians is the last regular season game, and last league game, for both schools. It takes place at Memorial Field located on the campus of John Burroughs High School and draws an average attendance close to 10,000 people.

In fact, BHS’68 Tom Cartmill‘s favorite memory of Burbank was its victory over Burroughs in the football game of November 1967, when we were seniors.

There’s a recap of the game on Wes Clark’s Burbankia website:

1967 – Burbank 20, Burroughs 19. Undefeated going into the game, the Indians again scored 19 points. Burbank, however, on the 173 yard passing of Dale Cirscione and the 85 yard fumble recovery of Randy Ivie for a touchdown, scored 20 for one of the biggest upsets in the series. The win prevented Burroughs from going ahead, for the first time, in the rivalry.

How many of you were at that football game . . . and remember it? Post comments below!

Now, however, there is a new rivalry: Which Class of 1968 is going to have the biggest number of graduates at its 50th Reunion? Here’s the information about Burbank High’s 50 Year Reunion:

And here’s the invitation for John Burroughs:

Gary Robson, who is heading up the Burroughs’ class reunion, last reported that they have achieved 1/5 or 20% of their goal of 100 graduates attending the 50th Reunion.

If you check out the Burbank High 1968 Guest List page, you’ll see that there are 22 people’s names in red, which indicates that we have received your money for the banquet. Our goal is 150 attendees, and if everyone on the list sends in their payment, we should be fine. Right now, though, we’re just under 15% of our goal.

The clock is ticking, though . . . the Reunion is only 4 months away!

Here are some important links:

Register Here

50th Reunion FAQs

RSVP Guest Listcheck out the names in Red

Reunion Questionnaire

Senior Class Photos of Attendees

What people look like now!

50th Reunion Cruise

Memorial List

Alumni Snapshots


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  1. Alan Landros says:

    Kathy, the rivalry game that Tom Cartmill refers to in November ’67 was when you and Tom were Seniors (not Juniors), since you were Seniors in the school year of ’67/’68, and then graduated in June ’68.

  2. Karen Watson Gillespie says:

    The drill team marched from BHS to the game. At least that’s what I remember. What an exciting, unexpected win!

  3. Who couldn’t remember Randy Ivie’s improbable ponderous fumble return. At the time, it seemed to take up a significant amount of my whole senior year. Randy was a rather large lineman with all the size and running skill of a small glacier. BHS defenders were able to repeatedly catch up and block for him. By the time he reached the goal line, JBHS players were exhausted from frustration and BHS players from laughter. Many years later—and many years ago (early 90s?)—when my kids were going to BHS, I ran into one of Randy Ivie’s nephews, also going to BHS. He said the fam still hauled out the 8mm film of Randy’s run every Thanksgiving.

  4. says:


    Sorry to be a pain, but this game was played in November of 1967 when we were seniors.

    Tom Cartmill

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