Barbara Sebern

BARBARA SEBERN ROWE met Robert Rowe in New Hampshire in 1984 at a Christmas party. Five years later they married and raised his two daughters together. He worked at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. After his retirement they did a little traveling to other states though mainly to his family cottage on Lake Sunapee in the center of NH. They spent a lot of time in his boat and entertaining friends and family at home and the lake. Unfortunately he died in 2007 of pancreatic cancer. The only positive part of that was he was able to stay at home with the help of Hospice and people from their church.

She has two step-daughters. Both are married. Lynette lives just over the border in Maine and has one son now age 6. Severin loves to find out how things go together and how they work. Puzzles keep him busy for quite awhile. Sybil lives in Florida.and has two children. Xander, age 12 loves computers. “If I am ever able to figure out how to use I Instagram I will be able to connect with him more frequently.” His sister, Zoey is 6 and is a water baby—it is difficult keeping her out of the water. At age 2 she squirmed down from her daddy’s arm and jumped right into their neighbor’s pool. No stopping that child.

She had two cats; born wild and caught as kittens. She taught them to trust humans and become friends. They looked almost identical and caused visitors to think she was the fastest cat they had ever seen. Zeebo died of heart failure in 2003 and in 2005 they had to have Rum put down as she had cancer. Barbara has yet to decide whether to get another cat or a dog.

After high school Barbara went to the Fashion Merchandising Institute in North Hollywood. It was a one year school set to prepare a student to work in the retail industry. By the time she graduated she realized the last thing she wanted to do was drive into downtown LA for work everyday. She heard Valley College was looking for someone to make the costumes for “Royal Gambit”. They had been designed but there was no one to put them together. As Barbara had made a full new wardrobe for the designer the year before, she got the job. What she had learned about the history of fashion got her interested in period costuming and “Royal Gambit” sealed the deal.

Barbara is retired as a motion picture costumer for twenty years and moved into teaching costuming at Cal State Fullerton. Once she moved to New Hampshire, she worked at Colby/Sawyer College, University of New Hampshire, and Salem State in Massachusetts. She sings in the church choir, works the thrift store, is a reception coordinator for all church receptions, a Stephen Minister, and works with a quilt group making quilts for newborns in distress. During the summer months she takes care of the turnarounds of the family cottage on Lake Sunapee. She still occasionally makes costumes for period shows or speciality costumes at the local community theate, Garrison Players. Since her husband’s death she has finally downsized by selling her house on the Great Bay and relocated closer into town in a smaller house which just suits her needs. “Now that my house is settled and my health back I am looking around to find out what other mischief I can make.”

Her favorite memory of Burbank High was learning that cooking on a gas stove was much better than an electric one.

“I’m still alive, love life and look forward to living every day.”

Barbara Sebern Rowe

At the 50th Class Reunion, Oct. 6, 2018


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