One of the most fun moments during our Class of 1968 50th Reunion was when alumni of the elementary schools posed for a picture. Since I went to Emerson, I’ll start with that photo.


Emerson School alumni

We just got an updated picture of Mrs. Perry’s Kindergarten class at Emerson School from X-graduate Jill Gipson and I’ve stored it with the other elementary school pictures, but here it is again.


Kindergarten, Mrs. Perry

I can spot at least three of us in this picture who came to the reunion! Myself (Kathy Au) in the far left, front row, Carole Aikin Hutcheson second row in the middle, and Bob Chamberlin, far right top row. There may be more of us—if you are in the photo above, and you also came to the reunion, please comment in the space below! The three people I identified are just the ones I could pick out right away. Just think, this kindergarten picture was taken a whopping 62 years ago!

Have fun with the kindergarten picture from Jefferson School.

Jefferson Kdgn

Mrs. Hosier’s class, Jefferson School


Jefferson School Alumni

We don’t have any other kindergarten photos, so if you can pass them along, please send them to

And all we have from Horace Mann is the 6th grade class of Miss Ambrose:


Hey, I think I recognize Teri Hill in the front row! Please help us identify more kids—use the comments section below. Here’s the photo of Horace Mann alumni from the reunion.


Horace Mann alumni.

Here are the other school photos:


Joaquin Miller alumni


Tom Bennett, Annette Dinolfo Bennett and Gene Hernandez from Ben Franklin.


More from Ben Franklin: Larry Lewis, Barbara Bautista Lear, Gene Hernandez, and Jerry Trotta.


George Washington alumni.


Providencia alumni.


Barbara Sebern Rowe from Thomas Edison.


Ann Shamoon Chandler and Loanne Walker Ginchereaux from Monterey Avenue.

Just a reminder that it’s not too late to order a Memory Book from the 50th Class Reunion, but we will only order a limited number of books, based on pre-sales. We don’t want to fill up someone’s garage with unsold books! Memory Books should be ordered no later than October 31, 2018. The book will definitely be a special memento of the Reunion Weekend with full color photos throughout plus an alumni directory.

Reserve your Memory Book now.

Check the list of all who have reserved a Memory Book.


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  1. Tenny Battles Kendryna says:

    I’m there, Kathy! Tenny Battles Kendryna, front row, first on the right. Jill Gipson, front row, fifth in from the right. Barbara Weitbrecht, front row, fourth in from the right. And I’m pretty sure George Parsons is in the back row, third from the right. Many little faces I do recognize, but can’t put a name to them. 😦

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