We have heard from a number of former classmates who left Burbank for greener pastures, literally. Who wouldn’t want to leave the urban sprawl for life in the country? But then again, the part of country life I don’t envy is cleaning horse stalls, which I guess is a daily chore for these folks.

I've known Kathy Benno since kindergarten at Emerson School.

I've known Kathy Benno since kindergarten at Emerson School.

I recently connected with Kathy Benno and found out she lives on a 8-acre horse farm in Cottage Grove, Oregon. I found  a picture of her on one of her horses on her Facebook page. I’m guessing she learned how to ride at Pickwick Stables in Burbank?

Kathie Benno rides one of her horses.

Kathy Benno rides one of her horses.

You may remember that in an earlier post I wrote that “Skip” Wray Johnston moved to South Carolina. Here’s his complete message:

“For 30 years, I was a graphic designer, illustrator, and art director working mainly for a design firm in Glendale that did a lot of marketing for the entertainment industry. In 2005, for reasons we’re still trying to parse (and at the height of the real estate bubble), we sold our little 1100 sq. ft. Burbank stucco and bought an 11 acre horse farm on a hilltop overlooking the Blue Ridge Mts. in SC. I’m now the creative director at a little ad agency in Greenville, a painter (artist-type), and cleaner of stalls for 3 over-entitled horses.”

Robin Neklia

Robin Neklia

I also recently heard from Robin (Neklia) Smith who wrote that she and her husband, Don, have lived near Savannah, Georgia for almost 18 years. “Our home is on 9 acres and most all of our pets are rescues!  I always wanted horses and got my first one in 1987.  Now I have 3 horses and a donkey. Don and I are convinced that there is a sign on the large oak tree in the front yard encouraging all strays to come and live with us.  We have several dogs and cats as well.” 

Robin Neklia Smith and her husband, Don, in Panama City, FL, called "The Redneck Riviera"

Robin Neklia Smith and her husband, Don, in Panama City, FL, called "The Redneck Riviera"

Robin and her husband, Don Smith, have been married since 1973 and have three children and four grandchildren. The last reunion they went to was the 20th in 1988, but look forward to either the 45th or 50th. She asked that if any classmates are near Savannah to please contact them, as “Savannah is a beautiful city, especially in the spring.  Summers are very hot although the beach is only about an hour away!” (If you would like to contact Robin, please ask me for her email address.)

Keep those cards and letters coming! and be sure to send pictures, too.

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