(L-R) Cindy Miller Malone, her daughter and fiancé, and Cinday's husband.

(L-R) Cindy Miller Malone, her daughter Erin and fiancé Matt, and Cindy's husband, Michael. Doesn't Cindy look great! She hasn't changed a bit.

Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller

So says Cindy Miller Malone, who says: The first time I looked at your blog I chuckled to see the “Where are they now?” photo.  Happy to say that I am still alive and kicking with a great husband and a daughter getting married next year.  Our time is spent between La Canada and a home in Corona Del Mar.  Can’t believe that it has been 44 years since we graduated. Hopefully 60 is the new 30!

I wrote her back saying that I still feel like I’m in my 30s, except I can’t see too well and my memory isn’t what it used to be. Cindy wrote back to say that she hopes most of our friends are doing well because “I don’t think of us as old.  Though I agree that I can’t see anything up close without my glasses. Try not to worry about my memory.  Probably too many of us with parents who had Alzheimers.” 

Arnold Wilenken

Arnold Wilenken

Arnie Wilenken, on getting older, commented:  “I enjoyed seeing you at our 40th Reunion at Castaway’s.  Other than you  everybody looked much too old, though.”  He saw my post on Robert F. Kennedy getting shot and commented: Great job on this blog & good article.  I clearly remember the afternoon that RFK was shot.  I also clearly remember when M.L. King was shot as well.  My good friend, Aubrey “Bob” Cole and I were at Pitch ‘N Putt Golf Course, off Victory Blvd at the time.  Those events were absolute madness!”

Arnie Wilenken at Morro Bay.

Arnie Wilenken at Morro Bay.

Arnie said that after leaving Burbank High in 1968, he moved to Visalia, CA to attend the College of the Sequoias, then moved to Fresno to attend Cal State University. He graduated with a BA in Georgraph with a minor in Aerospace Studies (AFROTC). He was then commissioned a second lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force in 1975. He graduated from USAF Navigator School and flew the USAF F-4E Phantom as a Weapon Systems Officers. He was hired by Lockheed Advanced Developments Company and still works with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics as a flight test engineer.  Arnie was married for 20+ years but is now currently single.  His favorite activities are sailing and road cycling—the human powered kind. He says, ”  … Life is good, Kathy!  I truly wish the same for you and all of our fellow alumni.”

Mona Cannon

Mona Cannon

Mona Cannon wrote recently after seeing my post about our horse-owning classmates. She said, “Loved the picture of Kathy Benno on her horse.  I am now the proud (and poor) owner of two horses.  I’d love to get in touch with Kathy and any other horsey classmates.”

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