Blyden Loutensock

Blyden Loutensock

Alan Landros

Alan Landros

Yesterday I wrote about Coach Jack Loutensock and today I’m going to write about his son, Blyden. Although he was not in our class (he graduated in Burbank High’s Class of 1970), he had been kept abreast of his Class Reunions through the efforts of class members Alan Landros and  Joyce Starleaf, who have headed up reunions every five years. (I’m afraid our class has not been so ambitious!)

Alan and Blyden first met at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Burbank when Blyden’s father, Coach Loutensock (who had already been teaching at Burbank High for 7 years), moved his family to Burbank. They both were in the fifth and sixth grade classes together, then continued on to John Muir Junior High and Burbank High School.

The year was 2005 and Blyden brought his father, Coach Loutensock, to the reunion. Just two months after the reunion, Alan Landros, who had been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease at age 30 (his mother had died of the disease), sent out an email to his classmates announcing that he would soon have to start kidney dialysis. That very same day, Blyden wrote back to him and offered to donate one of his kidneys! Alan had not even mentioned a transplant, he had only announced his impending need for dialysis!

You can read their story on the UCLA Medical Center website here. UCLA also made a video on the day of the operation which talks about their friendship and how they got reconnected.. I’m happy to report that both Alan and Blyden have recovered and are doing well.

That’s the power of high school reunions — keeping in touch could save your life!

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