Mrs. Joyce's fourth grade class, Thomas Jefferson School, 1959-60.

Mrs. Joyce's fourth grade class, Thomas Jefferson School, 1959-60. Click photo to see an enlarged view.

Dennis Gray, 1968

Dennis Gray, 1968

When Dennis Gray posted this photo from Thomas Jefferson School on FaceBook recently, I thought at first that he was another of our BHS “X” graduates — I went to my Ceralbus and couldn’t find his picture among the 1968 seniors. I recognized the names of other people in the picture, though: Roger Guggenheimer, Kay Hoadley, Sam Bellomo, Laurie Eisenberg, Mike Dispensiero, Melody Valesquez, Carol Stephenson, Traci Higgins, Roland Bleitz, Bob Elliot, Gary Hanson, Debbie Myers, Sue DenHammer, and Michelle Bro — all Burbank High School ’68 grads. Dennis said he “spaced out the appointment to have my Senior Picture taken” for the Ceralbus and had the photo taken on the left as a replacement. Doesn’t he look like a movie star?!

Dennis said his family kept all these pictures and he recently posted his kindergarten through sixth grade photos on his FaceBook page, causing quite a buzz. Dennis says he’s “going crazy watching these beautiful little girls grow cuter and cuter over these years. I remember every face.”

Dennis attended Los Angeles Valley College, worked as a sound editor at NBC Universal and now does production editing for television shows, Harry’s Law and Raising Hope. He and his wife Linda have two daughters, Callie and Erin. In 2008 they took their ultimate family vacation and visited England, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. He and his daughter Callie climbed the Matterhorn on that trip. In 1983 Dennis and his wife, Linda, went to Africa and crossed the Sahara Desert by car, traveling from Colmar, France to Lome, Togo, staying two months. He says “that trip changed our view of traveling.”

Sounds just fabulous, Dennis, and thanks for sharing!

Dennis and his wife at Stonehenge.

Dennis and his wife at Stonehenge.


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  1. Alan Landros says:

    Kathy, I also see in this 4th grade photo Stewart Siegel, Jeff Helquist, Marilyn Chapman, Sharon Snow, and one of the Gelpin twins.

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