No sooner had I put out the call for your vacation pics and Steve Raine came through with a picture of himself in Tanzania. Behind him is the Oldupai Gorge in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where Drs. Louis and Mary Leakey (and after them, son, Richard) made incredible fossil and bone discoveries about early man. Steve said he wanted to come here ever since elementary school. He also writes on his blog, ” OlduVAI is an understandable mispronunciation by German scientists.”


But hey, you don’t have to be in some exotic, foreign destination to send us a photo to show where the Class of 1968 has dispersed throughout the world. Peoria, Illinois, anyone?

It occurred to me that in case you wanted to send us a digital image to post on this blog, that it is not apparent how to do so. Use the Contact Us tab above to let me know that you have a picture to send, then I will take it from there.


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