Donald Agrati, "Don Grady" was a BHS'62 grad.

Donald Agrati, “Don Grady” was a BHS’62 grad.

Yesterday we learned of the death of Don Grady aka “Robbie Douglas,” the big brother on the television comedy, “My Three Sons.” It was one of the most popular and beloved TV shows during the 60s, and if you were like me, you enjoyed every episode. I think one of my first crushes was on “Robbie Douglas,” a heartthrob if there ever was one.

But did you know that Don Grady was also a Burbank High School graduate? No, he wasn’t in our class — he graduated in the class of 1962 and was named “Most Talented.” According to the obituary in the New York Times, Grady was “an aspiring musician in high school who played ukulele, drums, accordion and clarinet when he was called to audition for the part of Robbie Douglas, one of three sons of the wistful, pipe-smoking widower Steve Douglas, played by Fred MacMurray.” Grady got the part, but said, “My acting abilities probably helped, but I still believe the reason I got the part was because the cleft in my chin looked like Fred’s.”

If you don’t already know about it, check out Linda Mustion’s blog about deceased Burbank High alumni, arranged by class year. It is by no means a complete list, but does contain some useful information. You can see Linda’s post about Don Grady by clicking here.

Don Grady was named "Most Talented"

Don Grady was named “Most Talented”


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