Crilly Butler at Stonehenge

Crilly Butler at Stonehenge

In answer to my request for vacation pictures, and in an effort to find out where the Class of 1968 has traveled all over the world,  Crilly Butler sent these great pictures of himself in opposite corners of the world, at Stonehenge and in Japan.

Crilly writes: “This was taken during our visit there in 2003. We traveled through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales for about three weeks. When we returned to London in 2005, we escaped being killed in the subway terrorist bombings by about 20 minutes. Thank goodness my wife overslept that morning!”

Stonehenge dates from prehistoric times and has attracted visitors from earliest times. Here’s my Stonehenge story: My husband and I traveled to Salisbury, England, and hoped to visit this prehistoric site about 9 miles away. Alas, our time was very tight and I saw a picture postcard of Stonehenge in the Salisbury Cathedral bookstore. At the time I remember saying, “I bet seeing this postcard is the closest we are going to get to Stonehenge!” And I was right! So close, and yet so far away!

Here's Crilly at Asakasuka Jinja in Japan.

Here’s Crilly at Asakasuka Jinja in Japan.

The other picture Crilly sent was of Asakasuka Jinja, a Shinto shrine located in Tokyo. If you remember from a previous post, Crilly’s wife is Japanese and they visit Japan every other year or so. Crilly says, “we met and were married there in a traditional Shinto ceremony in 1983. All her family (I consider them to be my family too) and our Japanese friends are scattered throughout the four main Japanese islands, so we always try and do some traveling there before we return to her home town in a rural, mountainous part of the main island.”

Keep those cards and letters coming, folks, and don’t forget to send pictures!

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