Emerson School

Emerson School, Grade 4, Mrs. Clark (click to enlarge)

Les Heller shared this historic photo of his fourth grade class at Emerson School. Of course, many of these people are Burbank High School Class of 1968 grads. How many people can you name? I can pick out Stephanie Llewellyn and George Parsons. Any others? As with all photos on this blog, click the picture to enlarge. Some of us don’t see so well anymore!

Les Heller's Facebook photo

Les Heller’s Facebook photo

Les wrote: I was having a flashback about Valentines Day, way back when schools were made out of wood and all that. I remember, getting a big box of little valentines, making one out for everyone in my class, boys and girls. Then we all would have small paper bags that we had decorated and they would be taped to our chair or side of the desk. We would all take turns, walking around, putting the valentines in everyones bag….making sure no one was left out, at both Brett Harte and at Emerson, I am SURE that I gave many of you valentines, and you me….We lived in a wonderful trusting time…I fear so much of it has changed….makes me a little sad for the younger kids today…DO YOU REMEMBER ???

Say, all you BHS’68 grads, if you can share memories of Valentine’s Day, please write and send those photos!

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  1. Katherine Crosier says:

    From Carla Robinson Pollard:

    OMG – I actually remember/recognize most of those kids through my 2.00 readers! Ha ha. And Les Heller was a true renaissance man. Wonder what he looks like today. Wild. Where in the world do you come up with this stuff? I couldn’t agree with you more as far as what a different world we live in now.
    Happy VD.

  2. Les Heller says:

    I am amazed, with those ears, I didn’t fly away !!!!! Carla asked on the board, what I looked like today This is a photo of Me and My Dad Last Thanksgiving He is 92, We Live Together, Taking care of him is my main lot in life…..you can post the photo on the board if you like…..and was that Historic or Hysteric ?? hahaha

  3. Carla Pollard says:

    Hey Les: love the T-shirt – one of my all time favorite lines in any movie! CP

  4. Jill Gipson says:

    This photo is so much fun! I was in Mrs. Gedda’s 4th grade class that year, so have never seen this picture with so many of my friends in it! Besides Stephanie I’m seeing Jeanette Gosling, Steve Hart, Carol Buseth, Patty Kent, George Parsons, John Ferguson, Joanne ? and Alan ?. So many memories!

  5. Craig Smith says:

    I can see quite a few that I remember. Top row left to right: Alan Moore, ?, then my self, Craig Smith, John Ferguson, George Parsons, ?, down the row, Les Heller, of course, and on the end, Larry Rheinhart (sp?). Second row, I recognize Stephanie Llewellyn (heart-throb of George and myself), and next to the end, I believe is Helen Tone. Third row starts with Rod Temple, third one in is Cindy Rice I believe, then Linda Sue Maxam. Bottom row starts with Steve Hunt, then Andy Houston, Next to the end is Mike Katzman, and Mark Jacobson. This was my first year at Emerson due to boundary changes when I was transferred from Jefferson. Mrs. Clark lived three doors down from my house on Cornell Drive. What a great time to grow up, which I’m still trying to accomplish.

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