Bill Vahoviak, junior year at BHS

Bill Vahoviak, junior year at BHS (1967)

While working on this blog for Burbank High Class of 1968, I have discovered that there are several people whose senior pictures never made it into the yearbook. One of those people was Bill Vahoviak (BHS’68) whom I found on FaceBook recently. When I contacted him, he said he hadn’t heard my name (Kathy Au) in a long time. Yeah right — how about 45 years?! Bill reminded me that he knew me from Emerson School and John Muir Junior High!

A recent photo of BIll.

A recent photo of BIll.

Bill wrote: I was naive and decided to go to Vietnam, before the war ended. I had planned  on making the military a career but after going there it really changed me. It seemed that a lot of Burbank people landed up in Vietnam.

Bill, I think the Vietnam experience was the defining moment for our generation and no one our age can forget it!

After Bill returned from Vietnam, he attended the University of Buffalo, NY and met his wife, Becky, 41 years ago. She had just returned from studying in Paris at the Sorbonne. They got married one year later and had a daughter, Carolyn, a year after that. That means they have been married for over forty years! The Vahoviaks live in Spring Hill, Florida.

Thanks for sharing news of your family, Bill!

Any other Burbank High Class of 1968 grads who went to Vietnam?

Becky Vahoviak.

Wife Becky Vahoviak.

Carolyn Vahoviak

Daughter Carolyn Vahoviak

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