Mrs. Gedda's Fourth Grade Class. I am front and center!

Mrs. Gedda’s Third/Fourth Grade Class. I am front and center! Click to enlarge.

Jill Gipson, as some of you may recall, is one of our X-graduates, that is, she went to elementary school with us, then moved away before high school. She was the one who answered my call about having old pictures and sent these this photo of Emerson School’s fourth grade class, where many of our Burbank High Class of 1968 attended. She even had the names of the kids written on the back! If you like, you can go back and read my post about her.

Row 1: Chris Burke, Dale Rubin, Randy Prescott, Steve Bowers, Brett Wilhelm, Kathy Au, Linda __quist (couldn’t read the last name), Janet Nelson, Debbie Brewer, Becky Hand

Row 2: Mrs. Gedda, Marilyn Kasper, Linda Rodewald, Karen Christofferson, Susan Persen, JoAnn Wood, Jack Paris, Chris Hanson, David Bisbae, Ricky Dick

Row 3: John Shearer, Kathy Benno, Jill Gipson, Judd Jordan, Mike Zook, Steven Irey, Steve Vogt, John Mancini, Carole Aikin.

Jill Gipson's FaceBook photo

Jill Gipson’s FaceBook photo

Jill writes, “I loved Mrs. Gedda so much that, when we found out she would be teaching 5th grade the following year, my folks requested I be put into her class. As I recall, the only other student fortunate enough to have her for both years was Steven Irey. I reconnected with Mrs. Gedda a few years ago and we exchanged some interesting letters and Christmas cards. She and her husband, Neil, were living in Lodi, retired and enjoying traveling (Neil passed in 2010). She said that over all these years she has stayed in touch with Judd Jordan and Michael Zook. Isn’t that great?

Jill is amazed that she can recall so many of the names of our classmates, more than 50 years later. She says that “my only explanation is that those early school days were such a happy time for me. I loved school, my classmates, and my teachers. I have fond memories of playing the autoharp, field trips, and I especially loved square dancing day. My mom was often a Room Mother and I remember her going on field trips with us and bringing cupcakes to class. Blue Birds/Camp Fired Girls and Camp Cohila were especially fund times. Precious memories all!”

Emerson School 5th grade. I can recognize not only Steve Irey, Jill Gipson, but also Sally Bartley in the back row.

Emerson School 5th grade. I can recognize not only Steve Irey, Jill Gipson, but also Sally Bartley in the back row.

Here is a rare picture of the Emerson School faculty in 1958. The principal, Bertrand Haag, is on the far left. Jill remembers that everyone loved him. How many teachers can YOU name?

Emerson Staff, 1958

Emerson School faculty, 1958

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  1. Marilyn Beck says:

    This is very fun to see.thanks Jill!!!

    Marilyn (Kasper)

  2. cheryl McNulty Hall says:

    Hi this is Cheryl McNulty Hall. I have this same picture. I am in the 5th grade class 1st row. Wow So many familiar faces!! Great to see them. Glad the next reunion will be on a Sat!!:)

  3. Dave Campbell says:

    A long story, I’ll keep it short, Dave Bisbae is really Dave Bisbey, also known as Dave Campbell. The strange things that parents do in divorces. Thanks for the pics; brought back many memories and thoughts

  4. Bill Reimers says:

    So much fun reading about our 1968 classmates, even before I know some of them. I lived on the same street as Bert Haag. I remember him as being kind of stern!!! I’m in Utah now having moved here last Fall to be near my oldest son and his family. Love it up here. The fishing and hunting are great. So much more to tell, another time perhaps. A big hello to all. Bill Reimers

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