Bill Vahoviak in VietnamBill Vahoviak sent along this photo of himself in Vietnam and says it was “the one photo of my residence while in the jungle. I am cleaning my M-79 grenade launcher and my M-16. I had just returned after I got medivac-ed for an injury to the leg.”

Bill still loves to travel, but since his wife is more of a homebody, he is planning to spend one month alone in Alaska this summer. But next summer, he has decided to go back to Europe where his wife will join him to attend a wedding in Austria. You may remember from a previous post that he had met his wife in Europe while she studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, her final year of college.

Anyway, he is dreaming of traveling around the world, which he says can be done for $2800. The reason it is so cheap is that 1) It doesn’t include hotels; 2) You must begin in San Francisco and travel in a straight flight but can make seven stops, with each additional stop costing only $200. 3) Then you pick your stops and dates, and some airlines will allow you to change your dates at no cost. As an example, he is thinking of stopping first in China for 3 or 4 days, then Vietnam or Cambodia for a week. He claims he can stay at a 5-star American hotel for $50-60 a night and a 3-star hotel for $75 per week. His third stop would be Calcutta, India for 3-4 days where he can stay in a 3-star hotel for $25 a night. His fourth stop would be in Katmandu in Nepal to see the Himalayas, and his 5th stop would be in Turkey for 3 or 4 days. Next he would spend a week or two in Paris, where he could then take the train to Germany, Amsterdam, Italy, Spain, London, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Switzerland or Austria. His seventh flight would be from Paris back to Orlando, FL. Bill is looking for travel companions, and if this sounds intriguing to you, please comment below, and I will put you in touch with Bill and give you his email address.

He was also one of those who had saved pictures of Emerson School and remembered that his favorite classes were with Ms. Recinos and Mr. Novins in the 6th grade. (Did you know that Mr. Novins at age 91 is still living in Burbank?!) He especially remembered Cheryl McNulty and Linda Collins from Emerson.



I think I see Stephanie Llewellyn and Kathy Benno in the front row, and I found myself in the second row. When you recognize any of the people in these historic photos, please identify them by making a comment below.

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