Bill loves fishing for FISH these days!

Bill loves fishing for FISH these days! He’s on the right with the red shirt.

Bill Reimers, 1968

Bill Reimers, 1968

We had a nice exchange with Burbank High ’68 grad, Bill Reimers today who said that he was a registered nurse for most of his career, with a specialty in anesthesia. For the last two years, though, instead of fishing for veins for drawing blood samples or starting IVs, Bill has a great time fishing and hunting in Utah where he moved to be near his oldest son. He has been retired for two years now and loves not working!

Bill has three adult children: Justin, who is a fireman/paramedic in Utah, and has a five-year-old daughter and infant twins. Another son, Chris, is an engineer in Arkansas, who graduated from Oklahoma State in 2010 and married his college sweetheart, a middle school math teacher. His youngest daughter, Lindsay, is a model and “absolutely gorgeous!!! Looks like her dad in my younger days, sans the beard, of course!” Lindsay just started paramedic school in the Antelope Valley.

Bill's middle son, Chris and daughter, Lindsay

Bill’s middle son, Chris and daughter, Lindsay

I remembered that Bill Reimers and Cheryl McNulty were chosen as Class Sweethearts and in fact were briefly married in 1971. Bill called her recently and they talked for quite awhile to catch up. Bill’s second wife, Annette, who was mother to his three kids, died at age 45 of breast cancer. Bill says “Being a parent has been the best and most enjoyable part of my life… and still is.” He was too busy raising the kids to think about remarriage, and “now we are pretty old for starting up a new relationship.”

Thanks so much, Bill, for checking in. We’re so envious that you’re retired!

Bill Reimers' three children at Yosemite.

Bill Reimers’ three children at Yosemite.



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  1. Bob Elliot says:

    You!r a good man Bill!

    • Bill Reimers says:

      Thanks Bobby. I hope all is well with you. Good to hear from you. Where are you living these days? Did you ever marry?


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