Bill Reimers, 1968

Bill Reimers, 1968

“I want a divorce.”

A relatively short sentence that takes only a second to speak, but whose effects last a lifetime. I was forty-seven when my wife made that statement and it was one of those moments in time, in our lives, we remember perfectly, and usually with a sense of dread and discomfort.”

So begins a book called Icicles in the Park by Burbank High ’68 classmate Bill Reimers who tells us he is another published author! And these days, you can get his book on Amazon or even immediately, as a Kindle download. [UPDATE: Bill writes that his book, “Icicles in the Park” is now available at in paperback.  “I would love for some of our classmates to read it and learn a bit about me as an adult.  It is only 12.99 and a good read I’ve been told.”]

Here’s what Bill wrote as a summary of the book:

This is the story of the journey my 8 year-old daughter and I traveled as a result of the unexpected break-up of our family. It is filled with heart break and heart warming experiences we went through during the most difficult divorce process. It is my hope that the readers of our story will learn and benefit from our experiences and have a much smoother process during their divorce.

Bill Reimers' book

Bill Reimers’ book is available on Amazon and Kindle.

Topics which are covered include:

Chapter 1. Divorce: A seven-letter word with four letter word effects

Chapter 2: Getting through the first months

Chapter 3: Help from an unexpected source

Chapter 4: A bit of history

Chapter 5: Icicles in the Park

Chapter 6: The power of love and mall shopping

Chapter 7: Settling in

Chapter 8: Two steps forward; one step backward

Chapter 9: Some major do’s in the divorce process

Chapter 10: Major don’ts in the divorce process

Chapter 11: What an incredible journey this has been

Chapter 12: Lindsay and I now

If you click here, you will be able to read previews of each chapter. The book is 155 pages long and has been published by Waterfront Press.

And if you’d like to see what Bill has been up to since high school, you can go back and read my other posts: Fishing for salmon, instead of veins; and Without apology. Congratulations, Bill, on your latest accomplishment!

Hey, classmates — do write in and tell us your news! I see a lot of your pictures on FaceBook, but I won’t re-publish without your permission. The easiest way to send me news is to email me.


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  1. […] was because of my last post about Bill Reimers first book, Icicles in the Park, that prompted Sally Bartley Moss to let me know that another of […]

  2. Cheryl McNulty Hall says:

    Wow Congrats! We better get your autograph before you become rich and famous!!
    Great job and what an accomplishment!:)
    Cheryl McNulty Hall

  3. Tonia Szilagyi Mapston says:

    I read this book for no other reason than a classmate penned it! Broke my heart! Cathartic, I would assume! Well done, Bill! Well, done! Tonia

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