"We grew up together," says Roger Barton of the classmates in this picture.

“We grew up together,” says Roger Baton of the classmates in this picture.

Roger Baton was kind enough to send this picture taken in 1998 after the 30th Class Reunion. In case you can’t recognize these folks, here is an ID list:  (L-R) Tony Young, Robyn Pickett (John Burroughs class of ’68), Craig Smith, Roger Baton, Bill McMurrin, Bill Cushenberry, Craig Weber, and Wendy Manning.

Roger says, “We had our own reunion beforehand and had a great time.  It’s interesting to see pictures of them today and how much older we all look!”

Well, Roger, here’s how most of us remember these folks!

Tony Young, 1968

Tony Young

Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Roger Baton, 1968

Roger Baton

Bill McMurrin

Bill McMurrin






Bill Cushenberry

Bill Cushenberry

Craig Weber

Craig Weber

Wendy Manning

Wendy Manning







No, they haven’t changed a bit!

Here’s another more recent photo, taken in St. George, Utah, in July 2013. In case you’re wondering, Craig Smith is an optometrist (still working), Roger Baton is a retired nurse, Bill McMurrin is still working as an architect, and Tony Young is a retired high school coach. Roger says, “Less hair for a couple of us and Snow White for Tony!”

Craig Smith, Roger Baton, Bill McMurrin and Tony Young

Craig Smith, Roger Baton, Bill McMurrin and Tony Young, July 2013

Roger wrote that he and Bill McMurrin and Tony Young try to get together each summer for a week of trail riding in Zion National Park.  Bill has a cabin in the mountains bordering Zion National Park and according to Roger, he is a wonderful host, providing everything including the horses. “All we have to do is show up and Bill takes care of us.”

They will be getting together the last week of June this year and will be joined by BHS class of 1969 graduate Ray Cannon.  “We usually sit on the cabin front porch every evening and walk down memory lane talking about all the things we did when we were young boys growing up in Burbank.  We never get tired of it.”  Says Bill McMurrin: “We need to do this as long as possible cause we aren’t getting any younger!”  “I love these guys with all my heart,” Roger quips.

Thanks for sharing the photos, and Class of ’68, keep those notes and pictures coming!

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