Roger Baton is living the life of Daniel Boone.

Roger Baton rides his sweet 15-year-old horse, Belle, a registered Kentucky mountain horse. He says anybody could ride her because “she’s very forgiving of human stupidity!”

Roger Baton, 1968

Roger Baton, 1968

How many of you remember learning about Daniel Boone and Boonesboro Fort in elementary school? BHS’68 grad Roger Baton does! He never would have guessed that one day he would actually be living in Daniel Boone country, let alone be living just down the road from Old Fort Boonesboro, Kentucky.

Roger and Marilyn Baton. Marilyn was in the Class of 1968 at John Burroughs.

Roger and Marilyn Baton. Marilyn was in the Class of 1968 at John Burroughs.

He graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, then earned a Master’s in Sociology in addition to graduating from nursing school. “I did a lot of time in higher education. Looking back I would have saved time and money if I’d just settled on nursing first!” Roger retired in 2011as a nurse from the Department of Veterans Affairs, is married, has two sons, four daughters, and ten grandchildren.

Roger writes: This is beautiful country here in the bluegrass state but I must admit that I have yet to see any blue grass. It’s just green like everywhere else. I live two miles out of town on a small five acre farm where we have a couple of horses and a bunch of dogs and cats. Used to manage a three hundred acre farm outside Winchester a few miles raising hay, cattle, and horses and even boarded a few horses for friends. When I retired I decided to downsize my activities and my little farm keeps me busy enough to suit me.

Roger says that Kentucky is truly the thoroughbred horse capital of the world. He wishes all of you could see the extravagant thoroughbred horse farms out there. “Those horses have it better than most people!” He says: “You class of ’68 men remember to treat your wives like a thoroughbred. It will keep her from becoming a nag!” (A little Kentucky humor!)

Oil Painting by Roger Baton of BHS'68 grad, Tony Young.

Oil Painting by Roger Baton of BHS’68 grad, Tony Young.

Tony Young, 1968

Tony Young, 1968

Roger has also taken up oil painting, mostly of horses, and shared this work (right) which depicts BHS’68 grad Tony Young. (Roger, since you painted his backside, this could be anybody!) Roger and Tony rode horseback into Zion National Park in 2013, and apparently Roger rode behind him, which is how he remembers the trip!









Another one of Roger’s projects of which he is most proud is that he bought an old beat-up horse buggy last spring and fixed it up. Check out the Before and After pictures below.

Before Roger's work




“I’m saddened every time I hear of the passing of one of our classmates but we know that sooner or later our number is up. Personally, I find joy in the thought that this life is only temporary and that we will all see each other once more. My best to each and every one of you. Happy Trails, Y’all!”

Thanks for writing, Roger and for all the great pictures! It was good to reconnect after all these years!

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  1. bill reimers says:

    Great to hear Roger is doing so well. My daughter became a wonderful equestrian. We have 3 boxes of ribbons from her competitions. I would ride with her at least every Father’s day. Some of my fondest memories are of Lindsay working her horse out in the arena. Thanks for keeping up with the blog Katherine. Bill

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