It’s always thrilling to me when one of our classmates discovers this blog—AND writes us to let us know what they are up to! (I’m afraid our Senior English teachers, Miss Thompson and Miss Imbach, would absolutely cringe at those dangling prepositions!)

In this case, I got a Friend Request from Cynthia Lindholm Cavanaugh on Facebook, who posted this article which she has saved for 56 years! She said it was their first and only stage production, and “Who knew that our ‘Director,’ the late Laura Ziskin, would go on to become a major film producer.”


Look at all the names in the photo captions for some familiar Burbank High ’68 grads! Jan DeJaegher, Cindy Lindholm, Karen Parrish, Laura Ziskin, Janet Robbins, Jean Gilbert, Michele Bro, and Peggy Hahn are the names I recognize.

Cindy Lindholm, 1968

Cindy Lindholm, 1968

Cindy had a career in the art world and worked at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, then threw herself into another passion: animal rescue. She and husband Sid moved to Santa Fe, NM in 2010, where they share their home with “a menagerie of rescued critters,” dog Reggie and cats Desi and Lucy.

In Santa Fe, she has returned to her textile design roots, and has created a line of purses and pillow covers that use her own artwork, block-printed or silk-screened. Check out her blog at Studio Lizzy: Textile Art which she has illustrated with some watercolors.


Cindy even got a short story published in a regional magazine after she wrote all the website copy for an on-line upscale fabric store.


Isn’t she gorgeous!

She has picked up iceskating again after 40+years, where they have an amazing ice rink in Santa Fe. She said she was sad to read about the demise of the Pickwick Iceskating Rink, one of her old hangouts. She writes, “But I can tell you, falling just isn’t the same in my 60s as it was as a kid or even in my 20s!” (Don’t we all know this, firsthand!)

Cindy also sent along another clipping her mother had saved, which has a picture of BHS’68 Michael Kushner in nursery school! (bottom right photo)


It has always been my goal to write about as many of our classmates as possible—but only with your help! After all, next year is our 50th anniversary! Won’t you let us know what you’ve been doing these 49 years? We’ve all had our successes and failures, but the greatest thing is that we are survivors! Send me your stories and photos by emailing me, Kathy Au Crosier, your class blogger.

About Katherine Crosier

I am an organist in Honolulu—a rare breed of folks who play the King of Instruments! Through stories, photos, and videos, this blog is a diary of my musical journey ... and my family just groans!

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