Did you ever wonder how people cope with living in the desert? Sometime they get a little tired of hearing, “But it’s a dry heat!” No one really likes the heat of summer, but people enjoy the mild temperatures of the other eight months.

John Chris Sengers, 1968

John Chris Sengers, 1968

Chris and his wife, at a recent wedding

Chris and his wife, at a recent wedding

Our classmate, John Sengers, who goes by his middle name, Chris (because his father is also John Sengers, and it’s too confusing to have two John Sengers), has been married to his wife of 32 years, Donnita. They have lived in Phoenix, AZ since 1994.

Chris went to Valley College for general education requirements for an AA degree, then went to Glendale College for two years of aircraft maintenance classes. He took the FAA tests and received his aircraft mechanic certification. He still repairs corporate jet aircraft such as Falcons, Gulfstreams, Hawkers and Lear Jet, and works out of the Scottsdale airport.

Chris and Donnita have two daughters and four grandchildren (two boys and two girls). His 94-year-old mother lives in an assisted living facility not far away. Since Chris’ sister lives in Orlando, FL, that leaves Chris to be his mom’s main attention-giver.

“I am always on a ‘honey-do’ list because I am handy with tools,” John writes. He also “messes” with cars, and “classic cars ALWAYS need something done to them.” He still has the ’57 Chevy truck he bought in 1973. Chris sent along these photos of his world of planes and cars:

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Chris misses the Burbank-Glendale area, but certainly doesn’t miss all the traffic and the people. He sends his best to all his ’68 classmates.

Thanks for writing, Chris!

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