Speaking of Mike Katzman (see the post about his latest book), twenty-five years ago he took this video at the Burbank High’s Class of 1968 reunion:

See anyone you know? Twenty-five years later, it’s time for our FIFTIETH CLASS REUNION, and you’ll want to put this date on your calendar! October 6, 2018 at the Angeles National Golf Club. 

Here are five more reasons to attend the Class of 1968 50th Reunion (Thanks to Tracy Morrison’s blog)

1. Everyone is old. It’s not just you. Now I know that you think you’ll be the oldest. You look in the mirror and see those not so fine lines, that gray hair, that neck with a few wrinkles and wonder if those 18 year olds you remember will make fun of you because you now look like your mother. But guess what – THEY ARE OLD TOO and look surprisingly just like their parents. The only 18 year old I saw were my classmate’s children coming to pick them up after the reunion so no one got a DUI.

2. No one cares what you do for a living. [Ed. note: Many of us are retired, anyway.] After 25 years no one can even hear over the loud music to be able to listen to your career stories. Let go of your hang-ups of what you have or haven’t done. Nobody cares. They just want to see you.

3. Remember – these are the people who probably saw you at your worst. Remember 14? 15? Weren’t those kind of sucky and awkward years? Yeah, well these people went through them with you. Now is the time to laugh about those awkward crazy times when you thought you knew everything but truly knew nothing. These are your people. They don’t necessarily have to be your people tomorrow, but tonight..well remember at one time these were your best friends so break open a 4-pack of Bartles & James and party like it’s 1968.

4. No one cares if you still fit into your cheerleader uniform anymore. In fact no one even remembers if you were a cheerleader. Call it old age, diminishing memories, or too much wine – but no one cares. Leave your insecurities at home. These are the people you should feel comfortable with – these people are home.

5. It’s always nice to go home. Maybe you don’t have the connection there anymore and maybe you don’t feel the need – but going to a place that was home is good for your heart and soul. Take the time to visit your old school, cruise down Third Street like you are still 17, call an old, favorite teacher and schedule a breakfast date. [Ed. note: I’m afraid most of our teachers are gone.]

Have questions about the Reunion? Check out the FAQs here.
Are you thinking about coming? Send an email here and tell us how many are in your party.
Want to know who’s planning to come? Check out the Guest List here.
Forgot what someone looked like? Take a look at the senior class photos of people who have sent in an RSVP.
Afraid that you might not recognize some of your fellow classmates? Look at the Photos Now page.


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I am an organist in Honolulu—a rare breed of folks who play the King of Instruments! Through stories, photos, and videos, this blog is a diary of my musical journey ... and my family just groans!

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