In case you haven’t found it till now, you’ve reached the blog of Burbank High School, the Class of 1968. If you are one of our classmates whom we haven’t contacted yet, the biggest event of our school life is coming up next October 6, 2018 when we celebrate the 50TH REUNION of our Class at the Angeles National Golf Club in Sunland, CA.

Here are some important links for you to check:

50th Reunion FAQs. All you need to know about the 50th Class Reunion for now. More information will be forthcoming as the reunion nears.

Who is planning to come to the Reunion? The tentative guest list is here.

Want to come to the Reunion? Use the Contact Us Now option. 

I don’t remember what someone looks like. Here are the senior class photos of people who are interested in the Reunion.

I wonder what they look like now. Click here for “Now” pictures of our classmates.

Who in our Class of 1968 has died? Here’s a memorial list.

What’s a blog all about anyway? It’s a way to catch up with your classmates, and find out what’s happening in their lives. It’s the answer to, “Whatever happened to … ?” Perhaps you’re saying, “I won’t be able to come to the Reunion, but I’d like to know what happened to my classmates.” Check out these recent posts:

John Ferguson

This classmate recently ran an election for mayor of his town. (Update: John Ferguson recently posted this: By now, you have all heard about the results of the our run for Mayor of Pine Knoll Shores.  I am sorry that things did not work out.  However, I do wish to thank all of those of you who have assisted me throughout the past several months.  Many have assisted in Meet and Greets, as well as helped with the campaign.  I am in your debt.  I also want to wish Ken Jones well as he proceeds with the next two years as Mayor.  Last night I communicated with him and congratulated him on his victory.  It is time we all did our part in assisting him, as on the surface things look pretty easy, but of course they are not.  It requires many dedicated people to continue making this Town a great place to live.  Again, I thank those who supported me in this run for Mayor and wish Ken congratulations.) — What a gracious man John is! We hope you will try again.

Toni Szilagyi

George Frigerio,

It’s been forty-nine years since our Senior Grad Night. That’s how long it’s been since Tonia Szilagyi and George Frigerio last saw each other. Last weekend they met in person for the first time, and the love sparks are flying! Read about this amazing love story in these two posts: A BHS love story, and 49 years in the making. Our classmate, Norm Sabin, commented, “With all the garbage going on in the world today, it was incredible to watch a true love story unfold before our eyes. Kinda puts things in perspective. I wish each of you the best.”

Mike Katzman, 1968

Mike Katzman

Dale Rubin, 1968

Dale Rubin

This graduate was known to be a really funny guy in high school. After retiring from teaching and administration after thirty-one years, he has written several books. About Mike Katzman, this comment was written by fellow classmate Cynthia Lindholm Cavanaugh, Mike Katzman is a very funny guy. He and Dale Rubin, his Dynamic Duo partner, were two of the smartest, wittiest kids at BHS. Clearly, that hasn’t changed. Mike’s partner in Burbank’s Hi-Life newspaper “Dynamic Duo,” was Dale Rubin, who became a criminal defense attorney. Read about updates on these two funny guys here.

Carla Robinson, 1968

Carla Robinson

This brave graduate has met cancer head-on and won! Read about Carla Robinson Pollard’s inspiring story here. She endured chemo and radiation, plus surgery, but then wound up in the hospital with infections, and even had a seizure. But now she is working out at the gym, and running two successful businesses — and is feeling very grateful to be alive and feeling so good!

Laura Ziskin 1950-2011

Laura Ziskin

Probably the most famous graduate in our Class of 1968 was Hollywood’s Laura Ziskin, who produced such movies as Pretty Woman, As Good as It Gets, and the Spiderman series. Read a previously-unpublished interview here, which details her seven-year battle with breast cancer, and the organization which she founded, StandUp2Cancer.

The posts about the graduates above are only a sampling of the stories that have been written in this blog. If you’re retired and have all the time in the world (Ha ha!), you can look through the archives. See it in the header above?

If you know someone’s name but don’t see it in the Tag Cloud, use the Search Box at the top left of the menu.

There are many stories yet to be told! The best way to start with YOUR STORY is to fill out the REUNION QUESTIONNAIRE. We had a large graduating class, and there is never enough time to talk to each person individually. The answers to the questionnaire will help everyone “catch up” with what’s been going on in your life.



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