BHS Golf Team 1968: (L-R) Jack Bray, Shannon Hill, Art Sullivan, Mike Mooney, Randy Prescott, Tom Tanksley, Gene Allred

Remember this photo of the Golf Team in the 1968 Ceralbus with the inscription:

This year the varsity golf team has the largest squad to turn out for golf in the history of BHS. There are nine men bombing the ball, averaging about 38-39 for nine holes, for the first six spots. Led by Captain Gene Allred, they are Rich Upstill (high point man), Tom Tanksley, Steve Potter, Mike Mooney, Randy Prescott, Art Sullivan, Shannon Hill and Pat Sullivan.

Our BHS’68 classmate Tom Tanksley wrote recently to say that he will be visiting Burbank soon to play golf and was reminded about fellow golfer, Gene Allred, whose death we announced in the post, “Rest in peace, Gene Allred.” He then read Randy Prescott‘s comment about Gene: I was really looking forward to talking to Gene again this side of Heaven. He used to make me so mad. He and I were on the Golf Team, where of course he was always #1. One day I “dared to challenge” him and cobbled together my best game of my life. Gene shot a 1-under-par 34. I remember him being very sincere and caring; he always said “I’m sorry” after each of my bad shots.

Tom found the newly-renamed Alumni Snapshots page, formerly called “Inquiring minds want to know” and was interested in reading about classmates who have filled out the Reunion Questionnaire. He especially enjoyed reading Randy’s anti-Lawyer rant, even though he is a retired one himself and shares this joke from Neil De Grasse Tyson, who got this lawyer joke from a lawyer:

The trouble with lawyers is the 90% that make the other 10% look bad.

Tom wrote: I might also add that my entire education and career could have gone into math and engineering as well, but sitting next to him (Randy) in advanced trig made me feel like a borderline dunce. Little did I know how much of a genius he was then given his accomplishments. So he is to blame for me going into poli sci and eventually law school (LOL!)

Hey, don’t forget to fill out the Reunion Questionnaire whether or not you are planning to come to the 50th Class Reunion on October 6! You can easily find the Reunion Questionnaire in the header as shown below:

Tom would like to invite any other golfers to join him at DeBell Golf Course on February 7 when he will be in town. He especially wanted to send his best wishes to Randy Prescott and to invite him to play golf if he is near Burbank on February 7.

(Use the Contact Us form if you want to get in touch with Tom Tanksley).

DeBell Golf Course in Burbank


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