We’re in the generation called the Baby Boomers, and now that it’s our 50th Class Reunion year, people are feeling a little nostalgic, and are reminiscing about the past. It surely is fun to see old photos of ourselves, isn’t it? What’s even more amazing is being able to recognize and remember people from “way back when.”

Our classmate, Jan DeJaegher, posted this photo on Facebook recently.

Girl Scout Troop with Mrs. Nash and Mrs. DeJaegher, troop leaders.

I asked Jan if she could identify all the girls in the photo, and as far as I can tell, most of them became Burbank High graduates, Class of 1968, and with a little help from Facebook friends, here are the names:

Front Row (L-R): Janene Verge, Cindy Drucker, Shelley Baron, Lynne Giese, Darlene Carothers

Back Row: Mrs. Nash, Tonia Szilagyi, Betsey Nash, Kathy Musson, Jackie Speiser, Janet Robbins, Jan DeJaegher, Debbie Myers, Mrs. DeJaegher

Jan says that one of her favorite Girl Scout activities was bookbinding. “We each made a book by hand, bound and everything. Some of us still have our books.”

Other activities included horseback riding lessons, ice skating lessons, and cleanup projects at Camp Lakota, where this photo was taken:

Camp Lakota

Jan was good enough to identify these girls:

Front row (L-R): Christine Cullen, Janet Robbins, Jan DeJaegher, Betsey Nash, Debbie Myers, Sue DenHammer

Back Row: Jeannie Redberg, Tonia Szilagyi, Janene Verge, Kenda Vaughn, Melody Mackenzie, Lynn Giese

Jan also remembers sailing lessons, which served her well as she put herself through Cal State University Long Beach working at a sail loft making spinnakers. “Got to do a LOT of sailing, and never had to take out any student loans. Oh, and we sold Girls Scout Calendars and Cookies by the gazillions. Tonia (Szilagyi) always sold the most because her mom worked in a bank!”

Wouldn’t it be great if some of these girls show up at the 50th Class Reunion, scheduled for Saturday, October 6, 2018! Here are the important links:

Save the Date!

50th Reunion FAQs

Tentative Guest List

Senior Class Photos of Attendees

What people look like now!

50th Reunion Cruise

Memorial List




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