As Hurricane Olivia approaches Hawaii (and we anxiously await news concerning Hurricane Florence in its trajectory towards the Carolinas), just about all my appointments have been cancelled. I thought to myself, “This must the equivalent of a snow day!” so I’m working on the Burbank High Class of 1968 blog.

If you are one of the subscribers, who get an email notification about each new post, you’re probably seeing stories about individual BHS’68 grads. For example, you can read about:

Carole Aikin Hutcheson

Beverly Blais Moosmann

These good people have all submitted the Reunion Questionnaire and the results are posted to the Alumni Snapshots page. With now more than 120+ people coming to the 50th Class Reunion on October 6th, there is never enough time to talk to each person individually at the reunion. We’ve designed a simple questionnaire which you can fill out and submit online.

Or if you are unable to come, please take the few minutes to fill out the questionnaire, so we can rest easy and not wonder, “I wonder what happened to ….. ?”

It being a “snow day,” I’m finally getting caught up to posting results to the Alumni Snapshots page. Some of you are writing novels, others are giving short answers. We especially welcome photos of yourself and your family! Please submit photos directly to our email address:

Recently we heard about the 50th Wedding Anniversary of DiAnna Morris Hawkins and her husband, Bill Hawkins, on April 6, 2018 (“A 50th Wedding Anniversary“) and I wondered if they took the prize for being married the longest.

Since then, we have heard from Kathy Brake Falk who will join this exclusive club when she celebrates her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband on December 30, 2018.

Kathy Brake Falk and LeRoy Falk

But wait! There’s more! We just got an email from Sue Douglas Baldaseroni who married Don Baldaseroni ’67 on April 1, 1967, celebrating 51 years of marriage!

Here’s a video about a couple who has been married for 70 years who say the secret to a long and happy life together is “love and laughter.” The couple has a daughter who celebrated 50 years of marriage, so I guess it runs in the family!

There are now only 25 days until the Reunion and it’s not too late to register! Just make sure that we receive your payment by September 27th. Register here, and don’t forget to fill out the Reunion Questionnaire!

Here’s the important information:

Please go to the Registration Page to officially register.

50th Reunion FAQs – This page is updated continuously, so please check it frequently.

RSVP Guest List – check out the names in Red, meaning these people have paid.

Reunion Questionnaire – Even if you are not coming, please fill out the Questionnaire!

Senior Class Photos of Attendees – Pictures THEN

What people look like now!  – Pictures NOW

50th Reunion Cruise – Questions? Contact John Wray

Memorial List – Classmates who have died

Alumni Snapshots – Results of the Reunion Questionnaires

See what you’ve missed. Check out the Burbank High Class of 1968 blog.

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I am an organist in Honolulu—a rare breed of folks who play the King of Instruments! Through stories, photos, and videos, this blog is a diary of my musical journey ... and my family just groans!

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