Stunning table decorations by Patti “Trish” Molloy Vosper and her crew.

Such a wonderful evening! 😍

Super fun catching up with old friends at the reunion! (Karen Parrish Rapport)

We had such a great time. Can’t wait until next time. Fun fun fun! (Carol Stephenson-Walter)

it was THE best place to be! (Teri Hill Clark)

A special thank you to you and your committee for a very lovely evening for the 1968 Class Reunion. The location was so pretty and the thoughtful details to the evening made it so much fun.  The name placards started many conversations with those we knew and those we didn’t and it was so nice to meet new interesting people that I hadn’t known in high school.  The video was so creative and the décor with the blue and white and pretty centerpieces (I won the one at our table!) added to the festive evening… Thank you again for all of your hard work.  I appreciated it so much. (Tina Anderson Hughes)

Thank you for ALL that you did for our reunion. Great time! (Debbie Myers Schmidt)

A big thanks to all the people that put the even together—it was a blast. This was my first and had a great time. Thanks again. (Fred Lee Stenson)

It was really a blast!. Thanks to all the people who came a long way to attend the reunion. and thank you to all the significant others who came too and actually seemed to be having a very good time. (Stephanie Llewellyn)

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After the tour of the remodeled Burbank High, Betsey Nash commented that she felt no attachment to the school itself but it was with the people she felt connected.

Our informal picnic at Johnny Carson Park was on the Friday night agenda and here are some of the pictures I took.

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Betsey Nash and George Parsons reprised their musical number from the John Muir 9th grade talent show — 54 years ago!

Then there was the brunch at Bob’s Big Boy—a trip down Memory Lane if there ever was one: Double-deck hamburgers and cherry Cokes!

Patti Ranshaw, Jim Ranshaw, Kathy Au Crosier, Carol Thomas Stephenson Walter, Tom Bennett, Annette Dinolfo Bennett, Sallie Shelton Thomas, Michael Katzman, Patti “Trish” Molloy Vosper

Crilly Butler and Takami Sato Butler

Michael Katzman, Kathy Au Crosier, Sallie Shelton Thomas, Karen Walther Berg, Annette Dinolfo Bennett, Tom Bennett

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“I hope this event inspired every one to reach out and connect with those one or two people they had really hoped to see but who couldn’t attend, or maybe make arrangements to meet up with a classmate who lives nearby they didn’t really know before. I’m wanting a bigger circle of friends myself and feel we all need good friends and lots of love, compassion and understanding in these challenging times.” ❤️ (Stephanie Llewellyn)

In the meantime, please upload your best pictures to for inclusion in the Memory Book! Send your pictures to me by October 15, 2018 if you want them to be considered for the Memory Book.

If you haven’t ordered your copy, or if you want to check the list to see if you ordered one, click here.


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