Gail Hanson Carman

Gail Hanson Carman

I’m trying something new. Instead of waiting around for people to write in to share their news with the rest of our Class of 1968, I’m contacting all the people who have made comments on the blog. One of those people I heard back from was Gail Hanson Carman, who with her husband, Ron, live in Orlando, near Disney World in Florida. They moved there 16 years ago when they decided their dollars would go further than in California.

Gail says her husband, Ron, “spent many years in project management, most of which were theme park-based, so Disney and Universal has given him plenty of projects over his career.” He’s now retired, but Gail is working part-time as a convention assistant in the second largest convention center in the nation.

Their son, Brad, is 31 years old, happily married and gainfully employed in Chicago, “making us proud.” He spent a few years pursuing music. He and several other young musicians were in a band called Fairweather Friend for a few years in early 2000’s, when alternate rock was the style

Here’s an invitation from Gail: “If any of you are ever in Florida, we would gladly show you the sites of Orlando, lots of theme parks, and lots to do here. Just know that in summer you will spend lots of time swimming or seeking A/C!”

Gail and her husband have fun in Florida.

Gail and her husband have fun in Florida.

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  1. I remember Gayle Hanson well. Sweet girl and I think she was good friends with Phyliss Terry I don’t think she would remember me ….. But maybe! Nancy Munro Slayton

  2. Cathy says:

    Hi Gail!!

    I too am frolicking in Florida… but along the panhandle 🙂

    In 1967, you and I were in Drill Team on Rank 8 – lots of laughs – and here’s a couple of photos to prove it – lol!

    Happy trails to you!

    Cathy Palmer
    BHS ’67
    PS Please email me … would love to reconnect.

  3. […] Say, I just heard from Gail Hanson Carman who writes, “Hi Kathy, I think I’m in that photo, green outfit with a black fireman hat on….sure looks like me and I remember going to NBC for the photo shoot but don’t remember all the details so it certainly might be me.” Gail says that she’s been living in Orlando, FL for the past 19 years, and works part-time with “Visit Orlando” as a convention assistant. She is able to meet many, many people from all over the world since Orlando hosts many international conventions. Gail also volunteers at a local hospital and is enjoying part-time retirement. Her husband, Ron, is working part-time at Hollywood Studios, one of the parks at Disney World. Lucky for Gail and Ron, they live so close to the theme parks and enjoy them frequently! They also have a son, 34, who is living in Boston and works in an engineering firm. you might remember that I wrote about Gail in this post: “Frolicking in Florida“. […]

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