The Mighty Class of '68!

The Mighty Class of ’68!

This photo was posted to FaceBook recently, and it reminded me that I need to get back to writing this blog this year. Many, many thanks to all of you who sent condolences and messages of sympathy to me in the death of my husband, Carl Crosier, whom some of you met at the 45th Class Reunion. I’m afraid I have been inundated with projects ever since, and haven’t had time to get to the class blog.

Here are the names of classmates who were identified in the photo: Cheryl McNulty, Mike Zook, Mindy Poe, Cindy Drucker, Karen Parrish, Larry Klassen,  Sally Paquette, Betty Jo Toth, Roxanne Lewis, Robin Neklia, George Parsons and Marilyn Kasper. Hey, if any of you in the picture could write and let us know what you’re up to or what were the circumstances of the photo, please do! Post your comments below or email me.

Gail Hanson Carman

Gail Hanson Carman

Say, I just heard from Gail Hanson Carman who writes, “Hi Kathy, I think I’m in that photo, green outfit with a black fireman hat on….sure looks like me and I remember going to NBC for the photo shoot but don’t remember all the details so it certainly might be me.” Gail says that she’s been living in Orlando, FL for the past 19 years, and works part-time with “Visit Orlando” as a convention assistant. She is able to meet many, many people from all over the world since Orlando hosts many international conventions. Gail also volunteers at a local hospital and is enjoying part-time retirement. Her husband, Ron, is working part-time at Hollywood Studios, one of the parks at Disney World. Lucky for Gail and Ron, they live so close to the theme parks and enjoy them frequently! They also have a son, 34, who is living in Boston and works in an engineering firm. you might remember that I wrote about Gail in this post: “Frolicking in Florida“.

Gail continues,

Because we’re living so far from CA, I can’t attend any of the alumni events and seldom can get out there for family visits.  We still have several family members living in CA so our trips out are infrequent.  But I have happy memories of of some of these high school events, like the photo shoot.  I was a member of the drill team for two years and especially enjoyed marching with them.  One highlight was being in the Santa Claus Lane parade where we were on TV…I remember being especially proud of Burbank High for that.  Some things you just never forget! 
Steve Raine, new Council member

Steve Raine, pastor turned politician!

Steve Raine, 1968

Steve Raine, 1968

Steve Raine said: ’68 was a Great class…! I’m proud to be part of it. Speaking of Steve, here is his “official” photo as a new Council member in the city of Coalinga, CA. If you would like to read about more of our classmates’ role in politics, see my post “Politics as usual…NOT!”

Send me news of your adventures, children, grandchildren, job changes, retirements, etc. You can email me by clicking the link.

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