Greg Sanders, 1968

Greg Sanders, 1968

Last fall, Jim Ranshaw and his lovely wife, Patti, came to Honolulu on a cruise and they had just visited with BHS’68 grad Greg Sanders on the island of Lana’i. You may remember that Greg wrote this previously: I live on the island of Lana’i where my wife Sharie and I are the mental health providers for the whole population of 3000 or so. We love it here even though we are very busy and isolated, hence I won’t be at the reunion. I got a call from Jim Ranshaw out of the blue and that got me thinking about Burbank Hi and I found the webpage. So, aloha to everybody and feel free to email me anytime with news of the folks. I haven’t been back to Burbank in decades so I’m sure lots have happened, unlike here. The arrival of our baby goat made the newspaper…with a photo!

In fact, Dr. Greg writes a monthly advice column for the local newspaper, “Ask Dr. Greg” and Jim brought me a copy. I was happy to see that the free newspaper, Lanai Today,  is available online, so you can easily find the latest article from January 2015 which I am posting here.

Dr. Greg Sanders' latest column

Dr. Greg Sanders’ latest column

In case you want to know where the island of Lana’i is, check out this map and website: “The whole island of Lanai is relatively undeveloped. There are about 30 miles of paved road, no stoplights, one airport, and one city.” My husband and I stayed at the luxurious Lodge at Koele twice and absolutely loved it!

See the island of Lanai on this map of the Hawaiian Islands.

See the island of Lanai on this map of the Hawaiian Islands. Most people (including myself), live on O’ahu.

Greg Sanders teaches oil painting as well as being an artist in his own right.

Greg Sanders teaches oil painting as well as being an artist in his own right.

But what I was really intrigued with was that Greg is also an artist!

Dr. Greg Sanders, Lanai High Behavioral Health Specialist serves as one of the drawing and painting mentors. He is currently teaching oil painting to four students meet him after school several days per week.“We like Dr. Greg because he tells us jokes, but he never laughs at his own jokes,” said one of Sander’s mentees who didn’t want to give his name. “Oh and he’s also a good painter himself. Oh, and he’s always on time and is always there, no matter what. And he likes the pictures we paint.”

Here are some samples of Greg’s artwork. At the Lanai Art Center, you can see a more complete gallery of Greg’s work by clicking here.





Hey, all you other Burbank High grads who live in Hawaii, (and there are quite a few!) please send us your news!


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  1. bill reimers says:

    Great post Catherine. Love to hear about ’68 grads doing well. My younger sister has lived on Kauai since 1972 and it is such a wonderful place to visit. My thoughts are with you after the passing of your husband. Bill

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